Thursday, December 08, 2011

It Is Finished!

I seem to be on a music rant these days - an 80's music rant - because honestly the first thing I thought of when I thought about this post was that song, "Livin' In A Box {Livin' In A Cardboard Box}" Do y'all remember that song? I loved that song! It came out about the same time as "I Want Money" {Lots and lots of money}. I know I could have probably googled it and given y'all the complete history of that song, but some of us don't like reliving the '80's. Me? I'll always be an '80's girl at heart. An '80's girl wishing I had lots and lots of money so I could pay someone to create my child's cardboard box! Ha!

The project that I've been dreading since kindergarten graduation last May is finally ovah! The project that I've lost sleep over has finally come to an end. The project that I absolutely refused to do is done.

The day it was assigned, Alise told me, "And Mommie, we HAVE to do it!" She stressed the "have" as in telling me there were no options.

Like what kind of mother does she think I am? That I would allow her to get an F for not completing a project?!


I just "re-assigned" it to her Daddy! Ha!

And then gave them my own personal deadline of when it had to be off my dining room table!

Alise's first grade class has been talking about communities in Social Studies. To "celebrate" the end of the unit, they had to make restaurants, malls, churches, banks, libraries, yada yada yada out. of. SHOE. BOXES.

Alise chose a farm.


This project cost us a fortune.

Because of course someone in the family had to have new shoes!! And they had to look like this:

Then there was the gas expense for driving around all over town looking for stupid farm animals! Farm. animals. It's Christmas time. You would think the aisles would be overflowing with farm animals, but nooooo! Let's have gobs and gobs of little army men, but nooooo farm animals.

So we drove literally over the bridge to Redneckville to find farm animals.

And guess what?

They were $7.99 a piece. For one.

Take a wild guess at how many animals Alise wanted to cram into her shoe box.

A-ha! Daddy to the rescue! He found a SET of farm animals. Complete with a tractor and trailor.

But alas. It was missing a horse. And a farmer.

A-ha! Daddy to the rescue again! Another set. With a horse, but missing some of the animals we still needed.

We bought two sets of freakin' farm animals and got the heck out of Redneckville.

The first question out of Alise's mouth was, "Where's the farmer?" And by this time, I was at my wits end so I just said, "This little farm project isn't going to have a farmer. Just tell everyone he's off taking a nap!" So when we got home, she started pulling out the Barbie dolls and McDonald's happy meal toys desperately trying to come up with a farmer. I told her it wasn't happening. Barbie was too big for the box.

Wah-la! Alise's farm made out of a shoe box:

I think I hear the angels breaking out to "Oh, Happy Day"!

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  1. So cute! What an ordeal! That sad thing is the older they get the harder those projects are.