Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Here Comes The Tooth Fairy

Three days after Santa, it looks like we'll also be having a visit from the Tooth Fairy! Alise lost her first tooth this afternoon!! She is SO excited!

Me? Not so much. I'm just sad that we've reached another milestone and I'm reminded that my Baby Girl is growing up. Yesterday, we had dentist appointments and I suggested letting the dentist pull her tooth. Alise did ok for a few minutes, but she started getting nervous, so he stopped. This afternoon, we were on the couch playing school, and I just said, "Why don't you pull that tooth?" and she said, "Do you really want me to?" What was I suppose to say? In a way I did and in a way I didn't. But I nodded my head and the next thing I knew, Alise was running to the bathroom holding her first baby tooth. She did great!

So what's the going price for a first tooth?

In other news, I am TOTALLY addicted to 'Words With Friends' on my new ipad. But the truth is, I really stink at it. Scrabble was never one of my favorite games. So if you really want to pumble somebody in Scrabble, ask me to play.

I. am. sick. of. kids. Christmas. movies. We've seen them all. I'm ready for some adult movies again! Not A-dult movies, just adult movies. You know...something that doesn't have singing chipmunks, or animals, or cartoons in them. Where's Matthew McConoughey?! Oh! And speaking of him!...I heard he asked his girlfriend to marry him! Nothing like going about it bass-ackwards, Matt!

And "Tax Slayer {dot} com??!" Are you for real?


  1. Congrats to Alise on the tooth! How exciting for her. Sounds like she was a trooper. I completely understand about being sad about it though.

  2. clare7:58 PM

    $5 a tooth is what our Tooth Fairy brings. Once he only had a $20 in his wallet so he had to make a late night trip to the store! We have 3 kids so letting a 20 slide even one time was not going to happen!

  3. We always got $1 from the tooth fairy. My grandpa pulled my first tooth with a piece of string and it flew into his driveway. We had to leave the tooth fairy a note. :P

  4. A.J. got $5 for his first tooth, only because that was the only bill we had in the house. But she left him a note saying that only the first tooth lost, and the front teeth will bring that much. Every other tooth is $1. And you don't stink as much as you say you do at Words! But the more you play, the better you'll get. You'll be playing TAJ and HAJ without knowing what they mean too!!! LOL!

  5. Yay Alise!!!! I'm so happy for her. Katie's toothfairy gave her $5 for her first two teeth.

    I know whatcha mean about the movies. Christmas is over and it's time for something else. I've just had the kids watch their kiddie movies in their room, so I don't have to listen to them. I've actually been revisiting some DVDs, I found in the back of our library. Such as "The Holiday", "The Last Holiday", "Because I Said So", etc. Doug can't understand why I like to watch movies more than once. I guess I'm just weird that way.

    Hope y'all had a great Christmas. Take care. Hugs and Kisses!