Sunday, November 06, 2011

Where's The Velveeta?

Well, I shoulda known something was up when I couldn't find a single block of Velveeta in Walmart Friday afternoon! No Velveeta, no sausage, and no peanut butter cookie dough.

You would have thought it was the Super Bowl or something!

It was cah-RAY-zee here in Louisiana this weekend! You could just feel the excitement in the air! My own personal hype started Friday morning when my CFO and Regional CFO decided to embarrass me on a VIDEO conference call for wearing my Bama shirt. For once in my life, I kept my big mouth shut because I certainly didn't want to loose my job. Ha! Then I got some nasty looks from some young LSU guys in Ace Hardware on Saturday when Wayne sent me to get clear silicone so he could fix my galvanized bucket. Age was on my side because those guys were not gonna go off on a nearly 40 year old woman wearing a Bama t-shirt. Then, I had to pick up some last minute things at the grocery, and the clerk told me that three other people had been in the store earlier and said that they were pulling for Bama, but that I was "still out numbered."

In all honesty, the hype doesn't bother me. I just smile in my sweet Southern Belle way {ahem!} and say, "Roll Tide!" in my favorite Alabama twang. The loss was hard and I was so disappointed for our team, but it was just a game. Congrats to my favorite LSU peeps! Love ya'll!

At 3 o'clock in the morning on the last day of our cruise {I woke up and couldn't go back to sleep}, I decided to have friends over for a game party, but I waited too late to send invites and so lots of our friends already had plans. Didn't matter too much because we had absolutely TONS of food and at half time, Wayne took the kids on a hayride. It was cold!!! Love, love, love getting together with friends for a football game!Even Alise's teacher sent her a text and said, "Roll Tide!" She was thrilled!

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  1. Glad you had a fun weekend! That was a tough game. We were watching that game and the Arkansas game. Very cool that Alise's teacher sent her a text.