Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Thanksgiving Feast

Today was Alise's Thanksgiving feast at annual tradition.

So much so that Alise woke up saying that she was going to wear her Indian vest that she made in kindergarten last year. I had to explain to her that she wasn't in kindergarten anymore {sniff} and that today was a special day for the Pre-K4 and kindergarten classes {they dressed up and sang during lunch} and that her special day was last year. To which she replied, "Its a special day for everyone, Mother." So in order to get her dressed this morning, I promised that she could wear the vest to school tomorrow.

And leave it to my child to ask for a baked potato while those poor precious ladies have slaved over that turkey and dressing lunch!

Here she is this morning before school. Gotta have a stuffed animal in the picture.

That turkey dress is 3 years old and she's still wearing it!

Here are a few pics of her with her friends.

I got to Alise's room early for lunch, so I stood outside in the hall because I could hear Ms. H was still teaching. I love to read all the poems and stories that the kids have written and that the teachers post outside their classrooms. M's room is across the hall from A's and I got to read this today:

It made my heart smile. So, so thankful for little girl friendships and big girl friendships as well!


  1. Love the appliquéd dress. Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. I love seeing children's artwork and what they are writing! So precious! MK had her Thanksgiving feast at school. I had the school tray, she brought her lunch. I completely get it! Ha!