Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Long Post But Good Stuff

These are a few random {crazy} thoughts I've got running around in my head right now and I decided to write them down because Lord knows they'll be gone soon {And speaking of random thoughts, what is it about giving birth that makes women loose their brain cells? I swear we give our kids nine months worth of brain cells in utero, then plop 'em out with half our brain missing - which explains why some of you have more than one child! You've FORGOTTEN what it's like to give birth. Ha! The point is, I can't remember anything anymore. And I'm not even 40! I know for a fact I lost brain cells at 9:15 am back on May 26, 2005!}

And speaking of age {see how these random thoughts just keep coming and coming?}, I started a new book by Virginia Brown called, "Dixie Divas." I downloaded it this summer on my kindle and never got around to reading it. So I picked it up again last night and it seems to be cute and funny...kinda reminds me of the "Ya Ya" book. I think it's free if you're interested. Anyhoo, I read this quote today {back to the age thing}: "It's funny what appeals to middle-aged women past their prime but not their youthfulness. There's a sense of freedom in being beyond some expectations." I love that!

Let me re-introduce Jack, our family elf-on-a-shelf that visits us every year from the North Pole.
Jack showed up last week and likes to hide in different places every night. Actually, Wayne helps with the hiding because - you guessed it! I can't remember to do it! Did your kids see the 'Elf On A Shelf' television show last Friday night? It was cute. Anyhoo, Jack has been begging me to write a post here on the ol' blog, but I'm holding him off for now. Maybe in a few weeks I'll hand over the keyboard.

Wayne bought a Sunday paper but he kept forgetting to bring it in from his truck {that's how important the news is to us...}. So this morning when I woke up, I saw the Flair's Christmas advertisement laying on top. I wonder if my husband is trying to tell me something? What do you think?

This weekend, I visited a store that was decorated in the gingerbread/candy theme {I love that theme!} and they had used mop buckets, turned them upside down, and painted them gumdrop colors. To "hide" the lip of the bucket and handles, they put fake snow around them. I just thought that idea was too cool for school. I wish I had taken a picture. They looked just like gumdrops!!

(Picture from irarott.com)

I've seen these animal hats popping up all over town. I found some in a local shop, but all they had were adult sizes. So what's a mom to do when she can't buy one off the shelf? Why, have someone make it, of course. I'm having an Etsy seller crochet one for Alise for Christmas. It will be a pink and white kitty cat.

Did you happen to see this in this month's edition of 'Better Homes & Garden'?

{I think our scanner has lost his mind, too! I don't know why it didn't print in color. You'll miss the whole point of this rant, but what the heck!}I am a lipstick girl {Go here for proof}. And I like red lipstick, too. Some people don't. And that's ok. The key is to pick the RIGHT color of red lipstick. There's pinks and blues and oranges...you just have to pick the right red for your skin tone. So after seeing this, I decided I needed a new red lipstick for the Christmas season. A new lipstick is the best pick-me-up. Now, usually, I like to wear the Estee Lauder {God rest her soul} brands because they are so creamy and last a really long time. But I decided to go cheap and so I looked for the Cover Girl and Maybelline colors at Target. There must have been a run on "Ruby Star" and "Hot Passion" because there were ga-ga-gone. Everybody in our city must have seen the same article and decided they needed new red lipstick! So what did I do? I picked the next best shade: "Are You Red-dy?" Ha, ha! Love it!


  1. This is a precious post! We saw the Elf on the Shelf show and had to bring out Bingo! My husband helps me remember to move him too! My school secretary made a hat for Mady this year. It is a sock monkey hat. So cute!

  2. Our elf came out too after the movie;) And I DID see that lipstick ad and I thought the same thing although as big as I am right now I kind of don't want to do anything to stand out if you know what I mean haha!

  3. I've so missed reading your blog! I'll be spending an hour or so with your family tonight at the dance studio! lol