Monday, November 14, 2011

It's Beginning To Look Like Christmas

Please don't go Nazi on me, but I've already got my Christmas tree up!

And presents under it, too.

Now, hold on!!

Let me explain.

I'm just EARLY this year. I mean, I KNOW it's not even Thanksgiving yet and I KNOW I need to be thankful before I "'tis the season," but I just really have Jesus on my heart right now and isn't HE what being thankful and the Christmas season is all about?

Alise helped me Sunday afternoon with putting the ornaments on the tree.
If you remember, last year was our first Christmas in our new home and I decided to TOTALLY re-do our tree because, well, a Victorian tree just didn't go very well with our new red, black, and linen decor. Having said that, I'm still buying new ornaments for our tree this year. We have not officially held the "Horton tree lighting ceremony," so it's still a secret to our neighbors, but I have a feeling the lighting will take place sometime this coming weekend. Maybe it will coincide with the Bama game, I'm not sure yet {But one thing for sure, I've got to beat my neighbor with the Christmas lights, because she had her Halloween lights up before me!}.

Two things I want to mention:

First, if you aren't using Walmart's tool to create your Christmas cards this year, then you should be. I never thought I'd say that because I'm such a big fan of Etsy, but I am really, really impressed with their designs! So, so many to choose from! And you don't just "drop" your picture in the design!! That's the neat thing! You can edit your picture and enlarge it, make it black and white, brighten it, personalize it, what evah you want to do!! And the prices are so cheap! So, yes! Most of you will be receiving a Walmart Christmas card this year! Ha!

Secondly, I wanted to remind you about these ornaments:

Go here for product information. I am in LOVE with anything Coton Colors and just realized that they now make the scriptural plates, too! I discovered this brand last year at a local boutique and Wayne got me the manger scene {red} ornament last year. I think they make great Christmas gifts for anyone {I got my boss one last year}!

Another random thought I'm having is an 'Ugly Christmas Sweater Party.' I have heard they are so much fun and I'm seriously considering having one. Have you ever been to one?

So that's where I am with Christmas right now. I haven't started decorating the rest of the house, but I think if I do a little each night, I can get it done fairly quickly.


  1. I've been thinking about our tree for a couple of weeks now. I can't wait to put it up for baby G!

  2. I'd like to collect those ornaments too. I have the Happy Everything Platter and I collect the attachments. I love Coton Colors!

  3. The Christmas season is so short, I don't blame you for getting things out and ready! Thanks for the gift ideas!

  4. I put our tree up the same day you did. My lights are shining brightly. And I say who cares if everyone thinks its early. If folks can do Halloween up as big as Christmas, then I can get Christmas up early! I went to an ugly Christmas sweater party last year. It was a blast! MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! :)

  5. I love Coton Colors too. Those are such cute ornaments. I can't believe everyone with their trees up already. I'm behind.