Sunday, November 27, 2011

How Have You Been?

Wayne and I were sitting at the table this morning eating breakfast. He looked across the living room at our Christmas tree - that I have been working on for TWO weeks - and said, "Man, we've got alot of red in this house!"

My Alabama-crimson-red man say what? Would he honestly have it any other way?

I'll be sharing some of my decorating a little later in December, but if you're interested in tree toppers and mesh ribbon, I STRONGLY recommend my favorite decorating site, Kristen's Creations. I wish I could get her to come decorate my house!! She has a-mazing tutorials on how to do those gorgeous tree toppers and how to decorate with mesh ribbon. Love, love, her style - and it helps that she likes RED, too! Ha!

So how have you been? How was your Thanksgiving? I feel like I haven't blogged in forevah.

Alise and I spent the entire week together. Maybe a little TOO much mommie-daughter time {at times}, but I wouldn't change a thing! We had a BLAST with our friends! We Christmas shopped, went to see 'The Muppet Movie,' ate at a new dive - maybe you've heard of it - "Five Guys Burgers" - had a sleepover and decorated galore! Before I knew it, it was Wednesday night and I couldn't believe how the week had already flown by!! Oh! And we had a cheer meet last weekend and we won FIRST place!!

I did accomplish one rather large project that has been on my do-do list forevah: clean out Alise's closet!! I am ashamed to post this, but I will anyway.

Thanksgiving morning, we went to my mom and dad's and had lunch with them. The weather was so warm and since my brother and his family didn't come home, we had hamburgers for lunch! Hamburgers and Banana Pudding! I think my mother was a little disappointed because we told her not to worry about cooking the traditional Thanksgiving meal, but to wait until Christmas, so that we could share it with our entire familly.

That evening, we went to Robbie & Angie's to celebrate the holiday with a complete FEAST! Angie loves to cook for Thanksgiving and she totally out did herself! She wouldn't let me bring a thing except this!
Yep! Green bean casserole was the only thing she refused to cook, so I made myself, Robbie, and Johnathan happy! The food was delicious and we loved spending the holiday with our friends!

The next two days were spent doing a little Christmas shopping and watching football. Here is Alise and I on "Iron Bowl Day" decked out in our Alabama shirts.One day I'll show you what the back of my shirt says.

Three quick Bama stories. We were downtown Saturday at a boutique and one of the young sales clerks said, "I noticed you and your daughter's shirts. We have some houndstooth scarfs in the back of the store if you would like to look." She was so sweet and nice and I just didn't have the heart to tell her that I own stock in houndstooth! Second, as we were walking down the alley, I noticed a frame shop that had a poster of Trent Richardson and an elephant on it, so we stopped and walked inside for a closer peek. The older gentleman was SO super nice and was a Bama fan. He told Alise if she could give him a big "ROll Tide" she could have the poster. Of course, she did, so we came home sporting a TR3 poster for FREE! The man told us that he had put it in the bar next door for the LSU v. Bama game and someone threw it out. Which brings me to my third story {and since I don't have the time right now to REALLY vent, I'll make it short and sweet}. During half time of the Auburn/Alabama game, I made a Diet Coke run. I was standing in line when this RUDE - VERY RUDE AND OBNOXIOUS - old man wearing an LSU t-shirt behind me said, "Bama?!" Remember, I was wearing my t-shirt - and I turned around and said, "Yeah?" as in what about it? He preceded to end his phone conversation by telling the caller that he "had to talk to this Bama lady" and closed his phone and popped off something else to me. I replied, "That's okay. We'll be ready for that BCS championship game." To which he replied, "Yeah, you ready for another ass spanking?!" The poor store clerk - who was also an older man - I guess felt sorry for me and said, "Well, at least she's not an Arkansas fan!" I was SHOCKED!! Of course, on the way home, I thought of a MILLION things I coulda/shoulda said and I was LIVID when I walked back through the door at home. The NERVE of some people! You know, if you want to support your team, do it, but you don't have to be obnoxious about it to a COMPLETE STRANGER and no less a WOMAN!!! Wayne and I take alot of bashing from LSU fans and we try really hard to take it in stride, but that was just the icing on the cake in my opinion. When Bama lost against LSU a few weeks ago, I finally had to be a witch and tell a friend of ours on Facebook to leave my husband alone. I wasn't very nice about it, either.

And now that that is the longest paragraph I believe I've ever written, I'll end it here.

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

I start back on my diet tomorrow!


  1. Sounds like you guys had an awesome Thanksgiving! Love seeing your pictures! That is terrible what that guy said. The nerve of people sometimes.

  2. Your tree looks great! Red is one of my fave colors too...although it has nothing to do with football. You crack me up with all of that! I love Kristen too...but I can never get things to look as lush as she does!