Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Last Week In Review

We were busy last week!

Report cards came out and Alise had all A's! So, so proud of Baby Girl and all her hard work! {Dare I say the nights of speckled notebook swats on top of the head have paid off?}

So, then there was the Awards Ceremony for the first nine weeks. This is my new favorite picture!
Alise with her long time friend, A, receiving their straight A ribbons. Alise also received a Good Citizen for creativity, too {I have to admit I was a little surprised on the "creativity" part - although Alise has always loved coloring and crafts}.

Then, there was a week cheer camp with the school cheerleaders with the grand finale being performances at the peprally and football game on Friday. Unfortunately {and I know I'm going to regret it one day} we did not go to the football game that night. It was the first year in two years that I did not get Alise's performance on video. But I did get pics at the peprally that morning.

Our friend, EC making her cheering debut!

Socializing after the peprally with her friend, K.

Alise with her Big Sis!

A with her Big Sis!

The first and second graders won the spirit stick! These were two very happy girls!

I am exhausted!! I think I'm entitled to a little vacation!!

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  1. Your pictures are precious of Alise! She is growing up so fast! She is a beautiful girl. Her report card is awesome!