Wednesday, September 07, 2011


I've gotten several emails and tweets lately asking me questions about lots of different things, but I just haven't had time to respond to them all. I've been rather busy - with First Grade homework. So I decided to answer most of your questions here today.

What color is your kitchen? Our kitchen is red. Red, red, red. So red that I dread the day that I ever decide to paint it another color because it's gonna take about 1,000 coats of primer. But not that I'm wanting to change the color, because I absolutely LOVE it! Actually, it is Home Depot's version of Alabama Red. It was Wayne's idea since he is a lover of all things Crimson Tide.

Where did you have Alise's silhouette made? At a unique baby boutique in Bastrop called, 'Freckled Frogs.' Unfortunately, the artist was only there two days doing silhouettes, but his website is I was very pleased with his work and have yet to frame the silhouettes.

What book are you reading? 'In The Garden of Beasts: Love, Terror, and An American Family in Hitler's Berlin.' Contrary to the title, it's actually a non-fiction book but I wouldn't suggest it if you don't like history. Our book club is reading Jaycee Dugard's book as well as Tina Fey's, but I just can't get in to either one of those right now. If you would like to see what books I'm reading, you can request to be my friend on Good Reads.

Is your hair naturally curly? Do you color your hair? The first question is probably the one that I am asked the most! Total strangers will come up to me and ask if I was born with natural curly hair. That and 'did I know there was a 'Laura Horton' on the soap opera, "Days of Our Lives?" And the answer is yes! I have been blessed with curly hair and contrary to most women who have curly hair and wished it was straight, I really do like my hair. During the summer months, we do have a love-hate relationship because of the humidity, but for the most part, we get along. Ha! And yes, I do color my hair. My natural color - post-pregnancy - is dark brown/red.

What is 'The Mother Ship'? It's a pseudonym for the place where I work. Contrary to what you think from reading my blog, I really am a private person. That's why I don't mention names without permission and I never mention Alise's friends' names. If I had it to do over again, I wouldn't have used Alise's name at all, but I'll just chalk that up to blog mistake #101. Lately, I've also been considering making my blog private.

Where do you get your ideas for posts? Since my blog is actually our family scrapbook, most of my ideas are just that! Just the day-to-day activities of our life! I was telling someone the other day that I've always been a "diary kinda girl." And so I write. As for other "non-family" posts, I just write about things I see on the internet, hear on TV, see in a magazine, or even read on other blogs. Some of my posts never actually make it onto our blog, if you can believe that!

When did Alise first begin getting her head aches? How is she doing without eating the things she likes? She probably started getting headaches about a year and a half ago. However, I didn't notice a "pattern" per se {with the throwing up} until about a year ago. Since we have seen Dr. P, she's had one headache and that was last week. The school called and I think we caught it early. She was able to finish the day, but by bed time, I knew if she didn't get in the bed soon (to sleep it off), she would be sick. She has this "look" and I know when it's about to happen. As for her diet, she's doing okay. They had catered pizza last Friday, so I got her McDonald's. It's not fair to deprive her of treat days. She told me she accidently forgot and ate an oreo at school but she spit some of it out. Bless her heart! I love that girl! I hope the older she gets, the less problems she will have with migraines.

Would you be interested in selling the dress Alise wore in the wedding this summer? Not at this time. I know she will probably never wear it again, but I want to hang on to it for now.

I wanted to show you the portrait of Alise in her flower girl dress that I had made right after the wedding. It turned out so well and I just love it!


  1. You better invite me if you make this blog private! I've thought about it myself but I've been pretty good about protecting names so far I think and I never have any crazy anonymous commenters. Love that pic of Alise!

  2. I wouldn't mind my hair being curly if it were actually all curly. It needs too much help to look nice so I just flat iron it. :P