Sunday, August 21, 2011

Our Weekend

So Friday's pep rally theme was our school colors: white and blue. The kids LOVE Fridays because it means pep rallies {during football season} and a weekly rotation of pizza, Chic-fil-a and McDonald's. Here's a picture of Alise before we left for school. Hair in a pony tail with not one, but TWO bows, white shorts, and t-shirt tied on the side with another bow! Give. me. a. break. But she looked so stinkin' cute! Can't wait for that new cheer skirt to come in!And this is our newest Mustang friend! This is A's first year at our school and she and Alise are in the same class!

In pool news, last Monday, I came home to this picture. The hole had been covered up to the edge and for some crazy reason, the pool looked oh-so much smaller. By Thursday, the pump was going and the concrete forms were in place. By Friday evening, we were doing this!

On Saturday morning, I took Alise for a visit to see Dr. S. I wanted to talk to him about the headaches Alise has been having for about a year now. 99.9% of the time when she complains of a headache, she begins throwing up. The only way that she can get rid of it, is by sleeping it off. Most of the time Tylenol and aspirin don't work and eventually come right back up. A few weeks ago, we had a date night with our friends Robbie and Angie and the babysitter called us to tell us that Alise had gotten sick and was complaining with a headache. She had been fine when we left earlier that night. Angie finally convinced me of what I didn't want to believe, which was that Alise could be having migraine headaches. I have them as an adult, but I don't remember having headaches until I was like in middle/high school years. I just couldn't believe that Alise was having them at such an young age. So Saturday morning, off we went to see Dr. S and he agreed that she was possibly having migraines. He has referred us to a local children's neurologist. I am very ansy about seeing him, but Dr. S assured me that as soon as we have an accurate diagnosis, we will be able to treat Alise's symptions better. Please say a prayer for us.

On Saturday afternoon, we attended a Back-To-School Bash at our friend, A's house! Complete with water balloons and a waterslide! Woohoo!!
I hope you had a great weekend!

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