Monday, August 22, 2011

Happy Monday!

I've gotten several emails about the Alabama cross I have hanging on my front door.

Last month, when Wayne and I were in Memphis, I found these in all designs, sizes, and school colors. Believe it or not, the vendor had just sold the last Alabama cross right before we walked up so I had this one mailed to me. My Bama cross is REALLY big, because we live so far off the main road, and I wanted people to be able to see it. If you are interested in buying one, you can email me and I will put you in touch with Ms. J, the very nice lady who made it! Love, love, love my Bama cross! Roll Tide! BTW, we are counting down the days till kick-off!!

I've gotten several emails and texts over the last few weeks about a website called Lolly Wolly Doodle so I wanted to be sure and mention it here in case any of my other readers were interested. I actually had visited this site before, but it had been a while. Something happens to little girls in kindergarten and all of a sudden, they don't want to wear bows or smocked dresses anymore. Breaks my heart. I can't tell you the last time I bought either one of those. It takes every fiber of my being to get her to wear something "nice" because she would much rather run around in t-shirt, jean shorts, and flip flops. I told her when school started her "summer slumming wardrobe" was g-o-n-e.

I did a little shopping yesterday afternoon and found some cute, cute Halloween napkins at Pier 1 that say, "Love Peace and Candy Corn." I'm thinking about having a shirt designed with that on it for Alise to wear to school for Halloween. It would look cute with her black and white polka dotted skirt from last year. Just sayin'. And, yes, I'm already thinking about Halloween! I'm ready for some cooler temps!!

So today marked the first "official" Monday of the new school year. Yikes! It was all I could do to not pull in a parking space and walk Alise to her classroom. But I did well. I drove through the drop-off line and she got out and gave Mr. M, our Head Master, a high five. All was right with the world for a while until I got home and saw notes and letters from Ms. H as well as a homework list for every night of the week! We already have THREE tests scheduled for this Friday. The first week of school!

I don't think first grade and I are gonna get along too well!


  1. I just found out this week that Kindergarten is really 1st grade. Then you must be dealing with second. Three tests on Friday. Good Grief. You'll be ready for Labor Day.

  2. Really? They're giving us all week to go over rules and procedures and stuff like that. I'm not teaching any content until Monday!

  3. Thanks again for Mrs. J. I posted a sample Bama Cross on Facebook. I'm expecting a few more Bama crazed fans to be contacting her.

    Oh, I hear ya sista about the homework. We started a little sooner than y'all and the homework is crazy. That's one reason why I signed Katie up for the night gymnastics class instead of right after school. Not only are we reviewing for tests, reading our weekly books, but Katie's class is doing a collage. Each student has to bring photos, magazine clippings or any kind of mementos that describe her, to use for this collage. Ugh! I promised Katie that I would print out more photos today. I understand. I'll be praying for you.