Monday, August 29, 2011

Get Your Hula Skirt On!

So last week for Friday's peprally, all of Alise's friends decided to be camera shy. I really don't know why because they all looked SO cute in their grass skirts and leis. So I only have pictures of Baby Girl to share with you and let me just say that she was dressed to the nines in colorful flowers for the beach theme.
After I took this picture, she announced, "Mommie, I've decided I want to be a Hula Girl for Halloween!" Heaven help us! I'm praying that we will be having MUCH cooler temps by October 31st!

And speaking of Halloween, several friends have asked me if we were going to have another Halloween Party {You can check out last year's party details here}. And the answer is, I really don't know yet. Even though I LOVED the party we had last year, I remember thinking a few days afterwards that this year, I would do a Christmas party. But in all honesty, I haven't even checked the calendar yet, so we'll see.

I did snag a pic of our favorite Clark sisters in the parking lot Friday morning! They are SO sweet!
If you're wondering what that is on Alise's cheek, it's a tattoo. SO stinkin' excited that the cheerleaders have decided to start selling tattoos! I pulled the sponsor aside last year at a football game and asked why we couldn't sell them and she told me that they use to, but some of the teachers didn't like worrying with them before the pep rallies on Friday morning. I think most of the kids got theirs on Thursday so they could put them on before school on Friday. I think the plan worked well. Alise's tat stayed on all weekend until I made her take it off Saturday night for church. She would have left it on forever if I would've let her.

When we left for school Friday morning, THIS is what was going on in our backyard!
And THIS is how things looked this morning!
'Pool Project' complete. Next project: Wayne's 'Cook Shack.' More on that to come.

We survived the first 'official' week of First Grade Homework. Alise only forgot her math homework sheet one day and I had her at school by 7:30 the next morning so that she could complete it. When we got home that night, she told me that Ms. H told her that it was ok if she forgot it and didn't make her finish it. Whew! I have to admit that she has done very well finishing her homework at after school.

So I thought I would share a few pics of Alise's spelling words and sentences from the first week. She has 'Monday' words and 'Tuesday' words. Each day, she has to choose one word and write a sentence.

And yet another Monday has rolled around again. I'm hoping the week goes by VERY fast so that we can enjoy our three day weekend soon!

Happy Monday Everyone!


  1. A pool AND a cook shack? I'm coming to live at your house.

  2. I love seeing her hula pictures! My girls love to dress up too! Her work is precious!

  3. A is so cute in the hula skirt! And LOVE the pool. I am insanely jealous!