Saturday, August 20, 2011

First Day of First Grade

Alise was SO excited to begin her first day as a first grader. She woke up a little earlier than normal and insisted that I make cinnamon rolls {out of a can!...don't get too happy, folks!}. She kept asking me, "Is it time, Mommie? Is it time?" So here we are just a few minutes before we walked out the door.
And here are some shots from what is becoming our "traditional" back-to-school back drops.

Remember this? Well, I have to honestly give all the credit to making our version of this teacher happy to my wonderful husband! I seemed to have lost my creative mojo along with feeling under the weather the last few weeks and Wayne did nearly the entire project himself! Our "apples" ended up being "lollipops" instead, but it still turned out oh-so cute! Thank you, Wayne, for making your daughter's first day of kindergarten so special!

Alise helped me with little happies for her school friends! I bought some packages of pencils on the dollar aisle at Target and we attached a 'Welcome Back' note from Alise tied with ribbon in school colors. Some pics of school friends!

We finally made it to Alise's new class. Her new teacher is Ms. H. Here she is with Alise and the happy we made. I am so excited about all the new things she is going to learn this year! And we are VERY excited to have our newest Mustang friend in our class, too!

I just love her self portraits!!

That morning was still hard for me. A part of me was happy that Alise was 'growing up,' but as we walked down that long hall, past the PreK4 and kindergarten classes, I could feel myself beginning to loose it. I was so sad that my Baby Girl was growing up! For some reason, the picture that kept popping up in my mind that morning, was of her two year old self sitting in a high chair at the day school she attended and when I thought of that picture and how much she had grown since then, I really just wanted to get in the fetal position and cry.

But I also want to say how excited I am about the new school year! For various reasons, there has been some teacher turnover this summer and we have some new faces on our campus. One of those new faces is a very sweet friend of mine and another is a friend of Wayne's that I have SO enjoyed getting to know over the past few weeks. I tell Alise all the time that I've got people watching her at school so she better think before she does something crazy! Ha! I am so thankful for our Headmaster, who is such a great man of God. We spoke to him at church last Sunday and he told us that the Board asked him how in the world he was able to hire so many new teachers so quickly. He said, "I prayed about it." That made my heart smile.

I hope your heart smiles ALOT this weekend!


  1. I'm so happy for Alise. It is very sad because it seems like yesterday when they were infants. I think about the first time the girls met as infants. We took their picture together (side-by-side) in their little carriers. Katie looked like a peanut.

    Our school system, state-wide, has been doing teacher cuts. Some teachers that met tenure were laid off as well. It's good that you're able to have some one of great respect in the school to keep a close eye on what's going on. LOL! Katie's got it bad next year because we know just about everyone at her new school. LOL! Poor Katie.

    I want to know, where did you get your door decoration? You may not want me to have one like yours, but I absolutely love it. I would love to check them out, if it's etsy or if they have a website. I would also make great Christmas gifts from my clan.

  2. I am thrilled for Alise! It looks like she had a wonderful first day of school! Her teacher looks precious! I know she is learning lots and having fun! Your first day of school gifts are too cute!