Friday, July 22, 2011

The Pioneer Woman's - I mean, Truvy's - Cuppa Cuppa Cuppa Cake

Happy Friday to everyone!!

I haven't said it lately, but thank you so much for reading our blog! I love all y'alls comments and emails and tweets! I know some blog writers complain of hate mail, but {knock on wood} I don't think I have ever had a negative comment from anyone {So please don't start sending them now, either - Ha!}. Most of you know that this is our family scrapbook. I am world's worst about printing out pictures, so scrapbooking and photo album'ing are out the window! I barely wrote in Alise's baby book {I am ashamed to say!}, so thank you for letting me share our lives - as well as my personal opinions - here.

I have a treat for you today! And for those of you that already read The Pioneer Woman's blog, well, then, you already know about it. But I have a few friends who don't, so when I saw her post this week for Truvy's Cuppa Cuppa Cake, I just wanted everyone to know about it. I can't wait to try this because the last time I watched "Steel Magnolia's," I told myself that I needed to try it to see if it was a real recipe! Thanks to Ree for getting it on paper. Or on a post at least!

Today is my wonderful husband's birfday. Yes, birfday. I just love my man to pieces! He is THE BEST husband, friend, father, provider, hunter, carpenter, son, son-in-law, UPS driver, go-getter that I have ever met and I am the luckiest girl alive to be married to him! Happy Birthday, Wayne! I love you!

I hope you have a suppa suppa suppa weekend!


  1. I will have to make this in honor of one of my favorite movies! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Happy Birthday to Wayne! Have an awesome weekend!