Tuesday, July 05, 2011

The Other Side of Summer

As much as I love to see July 4th come, I certainly HATE to see it go. Where we live, Independence Day marks the middle of summer and since we're past it, that means we're on the downhill side of summer as well as school starting back. Ugh! We have had a GREAT summer so far and I hope you have, too {I have the song, "Boys of Summer" playing in my head this very minute!}!

Wayne and I were off work last week and we got TONS of things done to the outside of our house {pictures to come in another post}! I can't get over how different the front of our house looks with just a few changes.

Last Sunday, we loaded up the truck - and a few friends - and headed to Chuck E. Cheese in a sister state. If you remember, going to Chuck E. Cheese was what Alise chose to do instead of having the usual birthday bash {Thank you very much, Disney Channel!} and I have to say that she was VERY patient with us. It was exactly a month after her birthday that Wayne and I were finally able to take her. I didn't get very many pictures while we were there because I was making sure everyone was having a fun time and had PLENTY of tokens, but I really think the girls had a GREAT time! They were having so much fun that we couldn't get them to eat pizza for lunch and we ended up saving the birthday cake until much later that evening. We got a suite at a nearby hotel and the girls got to swim and then we went to see 'Cars 2' and got ice cream later that night.

Love this pic of the girls in their bathing suits. We had goggles for everyone and I really wanted to get a pic of them with their goggles on, but it never happened.

And since I just realized that I never posted pics of Alise on her actual birthday, here she is with the first of TWO peace sign birthday cakes. My girl is in love with peace signs and rainbows! She also takes after her mother! Both cakes were chocolate! Yum!

I have to give a big shout out to our t-ball team All Stars!! They won second place in the All-Stars tournament in Oak Grove and are headed to state at the end of the month! We are SOO excited for them and I'm secretly hoping that we'll be able to see them play. Who knew t-ball could be so much fun!? Go E. O. All Stars!!

Our sweet Auburn friends {I can't believe I just used sweet and Auburn in the same sentence} recently put in a pool and we spent some time with them last Friday. Can you believe I even donned a bathing suit? Angie and I had the best time sitting around the pool while the girls swam. And now my husband is ate up with putting in a pool. He wants to do it like NOW and I think we should wait until next Spring. Only time will tell what we decide to do.

And speaking of swimming, Alise finished two weeks worth of swimming lessons last Friday! She did GREAT this year! On the first day, she was jumping off the side of the pool and swimming across. I can't get over the change from one year to the next. If I had to give any advice on swimming lessons, it would be to not start them too soon. I started Alise when she was barely three and we had a bad experience that I thought would totally do us in, but after this year, I think we've finally gotten past it. She is such a little fish! I get anxious when she swims in the deep end without me, but it doesn't bother her at all!


  1. I completely understand about the swimming lessons! MK didn't take last year. I thought I made a huge mistake. She cried almost everyday this year of swimming lessons. Finally by the end of the 2nd week, she was having fun and swimming too. It was a huge change and a huge relief. I thought I had really messed up not getting her in lessons last year! Looks like a very fun birthday party!

  2. I think it's the age because Katie is into the Peace and Love thing. Looks like the girls had a great time. We're not doing the big birthday party this year either. Katie just wants to take a few of her girlfriends and go to Kids Zone and maybe go out to eat some where.

    A pool has it's pros and cons. I'd rather visit someone that has one. LOL!

    In a way, I'm glad the summer is slowing down. In the same sense, I'm sad that my baby will be starting the first grade in a very few short weeks.

    Y'all have a great week.