Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Mommie Got Arrested

My mom was out of town this weekend, so I invited my dad over to eat lunch with us Sunday after church. I made a full-course meal of smothered steak and gravy, rice, corn, green bean bundles and biscuits. We sat down to eat at the table and out of the blue, Alise announces, "Mommie got arrested!"

I wanted to crawl under the table. You could have heard a pin drop and my dad just looked at me with "that look" that still makes his thirty-eight year old daughter shudder.

First of all, I have NOT - nor have I EVER been - arrested. Let me just go ahead and clear that up!

She got the idea {I guess} because she overheard me telling Angie on our way back from a birthday party this weekend, that I had gotten a ticket for an out of date inspection sticker a few years ago. The subject came up because we drove by the place where the policeman pulled me over.

Be careful little ears what you hear.


  1. ha ha ha! That is hilarious! You never know what they are going to say! :)

  2. LOL! That is great! You had me worried for a minute there!

  3. LOL! I wished I could have seen your daddy's face when Alise announced that his daughter was a criminal. HAHA!


  4. Hahaha I love it! And I know what you mean my parents can still give me that look and I feel like squirming;)

  5. That is too funny. With little ears there are no mores secrets either. Everything becomes public knowledge when you least expect it!!! Ha ha...thanks for the memory