Friday, July 08, 2011

A Flyer In the Family?

Last Thursday when I picked Alise up from cheer practice she said, "Mommie, guess what? I'm the new flyer on our cheer squad!!"

I nearly ran into the car in front of me.

"Do WHAT?!" I asked.

"Yeah, uh-huh! Coach A is letting me be a flyer. And Mama, when they held me up in the air, I was so scared my legs where shaking!"

I still can't get over it. My Baby is at the top of the base. It's like being on top of the pyramid in the '70's {when cheerleaders use to do pyramids....Remember the 'Eight is Enough' intro?}.

I don't know whether to be happy or scared. Actually, I'm a little shocked. There are so many new girls on the squad that I thought surely there must be someone younger or who weighs less. Maybe this is just for summer practice? Surely we won't go into competition with my Baby high in the air and at the mercy of Pee-Wee cheerleaders.


Also, a BIG congrats out to Coach A!! She just made cheerleader at ULM!!

Thursday was also the day that Alise decided she wanted to dress like her Mama. We were twinkies!! I wanted to just bottle her all up and carry her to work with me, but alas! I knew I didn't have enough highlighters, tape, and sticky notes to keep her busy for an entire day at the office. We had on tourquoise blouses and white capris. Twinkies, indeed!

On Saturday, Angie and I loaded up the girls and headed to a birthday party for our friend, EC. I cannot believe this sweet little girl is FIVE years old!! She definitely racked up on some Hello Kitty presents! Happy Birthday, EC!
I was so excited to put the finishing touches on Alise's bedroom this weekend! The canvas is finally hung and the polka dots are up!! Woohoo!! You'll have to excuse the kleenex box and butterfly balloon on her bed {a little "six year old room design" going on}. And for picture's sake, I made her wait to put all her stuffed animals on the bed because if I hadn't, you wouldn't have even been able to tell it was a bed!! We only put the polka dots on the wall her bed is on. I wish there had been more bigger dots {they are adhesive; I got them online}, but it doesn't matter. I think it turned out so cute!!


  1. Congrats Alise! We are so proud of you.

    Laura, I can't get over how grown up she has gotten.

    I love the bedroom. Aren't adhesive wall decors awesome? I just finished Katie's little girl's room. She has the mirror "Peace" adhesives all over her one wall. I need to take pictures and post for you to see. I thought of Alise when I put them up.

    Have a great week. When does your school start? We start Aug. 15th. Boo!

    Take care! Love ya.

  2. Congratulations for Alise!! Perhaps some Tums for Mama? :P

  3. I love the picture of you two! Very Pretty! I love her room! It turned out fantastic!

  4. What!!!??? She is too big, too fast, GIRL!

    I love that you both dressed alike that day. :)