Tuesday, June 28, 2011

T-Ball in the Grove

This past Saturday afternoon, Alise and I drove over to Oak Grove to watch the All-Stars t-ball game. Five players from our t-ball team were picked for All-Stars, so we went to cheer for our team mates. I'm almost glad that Alise didn't make All-Stars {she missed too many games because she broke her arm} because it gave her a chance to see a game with different team mates and know that it's played in the HAWT afternoon sun - not in the evenings like she's use to. It was SOOO hawt, but we had fun cheering for our friends.

Before we went to the t-ball field, we stopped at the cemetary to put flowers on Wayne's dad's grave since we didn't get to on Father's Day. I hope you gave your Father a big hug last weekend and told him how much you love him. There is such an emptiness when they are gone. We've talked to Alise lots of times about her Papaw Horton and she still loves to ask questions about him and hear the stories. Gosh, he would have so loved her!!

After we left the cemetary, Alise said, "I want to see the store where Daddy had to work all the time and never got to play." Ha! So on the way to the ball field, we drove by the old hardware store. It made her smile.

Here she is with E after the game. Alise was more impressed with the black stuff under their eyes than anything else. I could tell that she missed not being able to play with the team, but she was a great cheerleader for them!


  1. What a sweet thing for her to do on Father's Day!

  2. That is precious! What a sweetheart she is!