Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Interview With A Six Year Old

What is your name? Alise

What is your favorite color? Purple

How many stuffed animals do you have? Let me go count them.....I'm thinking, ten.

Tell me about your pet. He's a dog and his name is Bo and he is just a puppy and he is a German Short Hair. And I love him so much. More than he loves me.

Tell me about your family. My family...well,...they don't quite let me do anything. My daddy makes me clean my room. My mother loves me but she won't let me go outside without panties. We like to go on picnics and to Ronin Habachi. We go on walks with Bo.

Name some of your friends. Emma S., Allie A., Emma K., OB, Grace, Kate, EC, Maddie, & Addison

What is your favorite thing to do? watch tv, play with Bo outside with my friends

What do you want to be when you grow up? a teenager...well, maybe a dog trainer since I have a dog. Actually, I want to work with my Mama.

Where is your favorite place to eat? Ronin Habachi

What is your favorite book? Froggy books, and Dick and Jane books

What makes you happy? wrestling and tickling with my daddy, to love on my Mama, sleep with my Mama in the morning.

What makes you sad? when my friends are mean to me, when Mama tells me to clean my room

What is your favorite animal? dogs and rabbits

What is the most favorite thing you've done this summer? going to see "Judy Moody" with M

What do you like most about school? Hmmm....probably centers.

What is your favorite vacation spot? Disney World!!

What do you like most about your parents? That they love me.

If you could have anything in the world right now, what would it be? My puppy and my family


  1. ah, love this little interview!
    and i just have no idea why you won't let her go outside without panties? hahaha too funny!

  2. You won't let her go outside w/o panties? Such a mean mama! JK. You're setting her up for good habits later :)

  3. HA! The panties one killed me! I'm dying boys are looking at me like I'm crazy. I may steal this idea from you and interview A.J.!!

  4. Love it! If you want to know any thing, ask a 5 or 6 year old. They certainly know.

  5. This is too cute!!! She is a funny girl!

  6. So funny! I cant wait for Caden to start talking. I already know he is going to be a character because of his dad.