Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Casey Anthony

Is anyone watching this trial? What are your thoughts?

I just want to know one thing: How in the world could a mother go 31 days without reporting her daughter missing?

And then let her body decompose in the trunk of her car?


  1. I've not watched the trial but have read a few articles. I CANNOT imagine what that girl (Casey) was, or is, thinking.

  2. I have watched the trial some. I have thought she was guilty from the beginning because things just didn't add up.

  3. I've been keeping up with it everyday... it is just SO bizarre and now this other girl who was in jail with Casey is coming out and saying that her son died accidentally in their pool..hmm..I guarantee you that's where she came up with this excuse.
    I wish there was definitive proof that she is solely responsible for it- i feel like someone else just had to have known something.But the defense's "story" def doesn't add up they are just trying to go with anything that will plant doubt in the jury's minds

  4. She is psychotic. Ughhh...it just makes me sick!