Wednesday, May 11, 2011

What We've Been Up To

I hope all of you had a WONDERFUL Mother's Day! I pray that you were blessed beyond measure by your family and that you got some rest from normal "motherly" routines {if that's even possible}. Wayne and Alise spoiled me rotten all weekend! God has blessed me with a great husband and terrific daughter and I simply couldn't ask for more.

We've been busy around the Rammer Jammer House! On Easter weekend, we began working on our flower beds at the front of the house. Well, I stand corrected. WAYNE began working on the flower beds, but I helped, too, AND I have pictures to prove it!
This weekend we are planning to haul in the dirt and get the beds ready for landscaping. I have absolutely NO idea what we're going to plant because the front of our house is very shaded. So I think alot of what I had planned to do is out the window! I just casually mentioned to Wayne that we should just pay someone to do it for us, but he insists we can do it so much cheaper. We've been riding around neighborhoods checking out everyone's landscaping to get ideas. We also plan to replace the windows with more energy efficient ones and I have finally decided on a style for shutters. I think once we've finished with everything, the front of the house will look SO different and SO much better!

On the Monday after Easter, we took a little trip to meet the newest member of our family. Meet Bo.

Alise is in love. She has wanted a puppy for so long. I'm a little less than thrilled, but this is her and Wayne's deal. And I told them that. About a hundred times. We get to finally pick him up and bring him home this weekend.

Last week, Wayne had a special delivery to an author in our area. Shellie Tomlinson's new book, "Sue Ellen's Girl Ain't Fat She Just Weighs Heavy" came out last week and guess who got to deliver the poster right to her front door step? He was so excited that he sent me this picture from his phone!

This morning, I took Alise back to see her orthopedic doctor for her two week follow-up. We were hoping that the cast would finally come off and our prayers were answered!! She is cast free and only has to wear a brace for the rest of the month. She can resume her regular activies by June 1st.

When Wayne took her for a follow up visit two weeks ago, the doctor was concerned that there was not as much calcium growth as he expected. So for the last two weeks, we have been pouring milk and vitamins down her!

Here are some pictures that Wayne took with his phone at the last visit. We've had both pink and purple casts throughout this whole ordeal.

Good-bye cast!

I asked Alise the other day if she was ready to get her cast off and she told me no. When I asked why not she told me, "Because then I won't be unique anymore, Mommie." That just broke my heart! I told her that she WAS unique because God had made her in His own special way and that there was not another little Alise Horton that looked like her or talked like her or acted like her {Heaven help me!} in all the world. She just smiled. Personally, I think she's just going to miss the attention.

In all honesty, I've been feeling rather guilty for the way I felt and acted when Alise broke her arm four weeks ago. Our community suffered a tragic blow this week in the death of a local high school girl involved in a 4-wheeler accident. Last night, I saw the movie, "Soul Surfer" with a friend and the whole time I was watching, I thought, this poor girl is so much worse off than my Alise. Both of those families have suffered so much more pain and heart ache than I could even imagine. But Alise is still my Baby Girl and when she hurts, I hurt, too. I am so thankful that she's my little girl and that she's healthy and smart and beautiful and I was reminded this week that she's only mine for just a little while. Whatever God's plan is, I've got to make the most of the time I have with her. So if any possible thing could come out of Alise breaking her arm, it's that her Mommie gained a new perspective on what life with a little girl is all about.


  1. We have hostas and bleeding hearts on the shady side of our house, though I'm sure you have more options being further to the south.

    OH! I am jealous that W met Shellie Tomlinson! LOVE her!

  2. Love that dress you are wearing! You look so pretty! And I think I am in love with Bo sweet!!!!

  3. Your Easter pictures are awesome! I love your flower beds.

  4. I LOVE your lilac (I think lilac is much fancier than lavender)dress!! I sound like Fancy Nancy!! Beautiful! That little Bo is pretty cute, too!

  5. Bo and Alise should model! gorgeous :)

  6. How did I miss A breaking her arm!!! In your last paragraph, you did make a very good point, but Mommas hurt when their babies hurt. That's just how we were made.

    I was thinking Hostas & look for a scrub called Daphne Adora. It blooms in winter & smells AWESOME. Google it.

    You look beautiful in that picture & soooo skinny!!

    You know that dog is cute. You won't be able to help yourself.