Tuesday, May 03, 2011

A Wedding Breakfast With A Royal Flair

I woke up at 4 AM Friday morning to put the finishing touches on the "Royal Wedding PJ Breakfast." Shortly after I turned on the TV, William and Harry were headed to Westminster Abbey and I got SO excited! I mean, how often do you get to see a Prince and Princess get married?! Live, too!?!

I absolutely could. not. wait. to see Kate's dress!! And I must say that I was very pleased with her choice. I thought her dress was beautiful and I loved the vintage Grace Kelly look. I had read a few weeks ago, that Kate had been overheard saying how much she admired Grace Kelly's wedding dress. The only disappointment I had was in her bouquet! What a rinky-dink thing! I just chalked it up that the designer chose a smaller bouquet so as not to take away from the dress. Whatevah! The bigger the better in my book.

Our friends began arriving around 4:30 and that's when I woke Alise up. She was excited - in the beginning - to watch the wedding - to the point that she even had to change nightgowns, but she eventually lost interest. We had to coax her and her friends to come back down stairs so that they could watch the "royal kiss" from the balcony. She said, "I don't want to see them kiss, Mommie" and I said, "Yes! You have to! One day you'll be glad you did!" So the girls watched the kiss and then ran back upstairs to play.

I had so much fun dishing with my friends!! Wayne said it was more like a "hackling hen party" but whatevah!! We discussed Harry's bed-head hair and why he seemed to be more "decorated" than his brother. Of course, we talked about the hats and dresses worn by the wedding guests, and, of course, Kate's dress. There was total "bouquet fail" agreed by all. We talked about Charles and Diana and Camilla and my funniest moment was on the balcony when Camilla picked up one of the flower girls and looked like she was about to toss her over the balcony! Someone commented, "That was almost a Michael Jackson moment!" I laughed so hard! And was it just us or did Kate look extremely thin? We were "hackling" so much that we actually missed "the kiss" so I had to ask Wayne to rewind it for us {I know nothing about TV remotes}. We rewinded it about five times because a few of the girls wanted to have their picture taken in front of the TV at that moment. I wish I had thought to get Alise's picture. We all agreed that Kate's life would never be the same: she walked in as a "commoner" and walked out a Princess. I truly hope that they live happily ever after!

I couldn't think of a better reason for pulling out my China for the first time ever than a Royal Wedding!! We ate wedding waffles, fruit, sausage bread, blueberry coffee cake and bacon off Noritake. I was so excited to finally use it because it's been in storage for 16 years! I bought special plates for Alise and her friends and they ate at the "Princess Table." I had small boxes of cereal and mini donuts on their table and scattered princess-style rings, wands and ear rings on the table for them to enjoy {Much to my disappointment, I could not find tiaras anywhere!}.

The party ended around 8:30 and everyone had a wonderful time! I was so happy that I decided to have it - even if it was thrown together last minute!

I'm posting a few pictures below. Just like any other shin-dig I've thrown together, I get so busy entertaining that I forget to take pictures, but oh, well! Fun was shared by all and that's all that really matters anyway. And as a courtesy to my friends that showed up, I won't be posting any pics of us clad in pj's and no makeup! What's a wedding without cake?

Ha! Do you see the plastic forks next to the China? My flatware is still in storage and I have no idea where it is. So that's the reason for the "plasticware."


  1. Love this post! I live at least 30 miles away from most of my friends, so alas, noone came over. Russell was at work (he works early hours), so it was just me and my dog! But we did celebrate with Royal wedding cupcakes! :) So glad y'all had a grand time! Looks sooo fun! XOXO!

  2. Love the photos of your Royal Wedding PJ party! The second photo of Catherine is probably my most favorite. So elegant, long and lean in that gown. I agree with you...the bouquet was perfect. So many brides make the mistake of chosing a bouquet that totally takes away from the bridal gown.

    I KNOW y'all had fun and your wedding-scape looked very elegant:)

    As you know, I'm STILL obsessing over the whole thing! Wish it was Royal Wedding morning all over again.