Sunday, May 22, 2011

Ready or Not

I knew I had to stay busy this weekend or I was just gonna fall apart.

But as of 5:00 Friday afternoon, my weekend wasn't looking so good. Mrs. M threw me for a loop by sending home a scrapbook specifically for Alise that detailed all the fun things she did this year in kindergarten. There were sweet poems written in Alise's handwriting and pictures for each month of the school year and I blubbered over every page. My friend Angie knew I needed a pick-me-up, so we all went out to eat that night at an Habachi hangout and Alise ate sushi for the first time! I was shocked! Don't worry. It was definitely cooked. However, she announced to everyone that she definitely wanted to come back for her birthday! M spent the night and the girls stayed up until after midnight playing with Bo!!

On Saturday morning, Wayne blessed me with a much needed pedicure and afterwards I felt like a new woman! I took Alise and M to lunch and after we took M home, we came back and took a nap. Then I had the agonizing job of shopping for end-of-the-year teacher gifts! I barely made it home in time to change clothes and head to the Civic Center with Angie and M to watch our sweet friend, EC, in her dance recital. She was awesome and one of the best little dancers in her class! We loved her costume and the girls couldn't wait to give her a hug after the recital.

On Sunday afternoon, Angie and I took the girls to a "Fancy Nancy Party." The party was a little chaotic and unorganized but the girls seemed to have a good time in spite of it. There were little girls and big girls dressed up everywhere!! There were different stations set up for hair, makeup, nail polish, and a make-your-own-wand activity. The girls got to make ice cream parfaits.

While we were there, I ran into my favorite OB/GYN doctor in the world!! She hugged my neck and I introduced her to Alise. Dr. S was so excited to see her and insisted that they have their picture made. Dr. S told Alise she remembered all about the night she was born and that she knew Alise had a birthday coming up! Dr. S is the best!! We came home from the party and Alise spent the rest of the afternoon playing with Bo outside with her hair all teased up on top of her head! I thought it was too funny! After we ate supper and the kitchen was clean, I set out to work on my little project. I didn't get to design them the exact way I had planned, but I think they still turned out adorable and it actually put a smile on my face to work on them.
Graduation is tomorrow night. My clothes are ironed and the camera battery is charging. Alise's outfit is laid out. I guess I'm ready whether I want to be or not.


  1. Love me some Dr. S!!!

  2. Love that quote! I have had my sons teacher gift for 3 weeks and today I am scrambling for wrapping!

  3. That is a precious post! Love Alise's hair like that. She looks so grown up. Sounds like you had a fun weekend!