Sunday, May 15, 2011

Our Weekend

We have been tied up this weekend with this little fella!

I never thought in a million years that a little girl could get so attached to a puppy!! Bo has not been out of Alise's sight since we picked him up late Saturday afternoon. She is in love with her new pet. He follows her everywhere and if he's not following, she's carrying him around like a sack of potatoes! She is so happy and it makes my heart smile.

We had a wonderful weekend - even if it seemed that I could not thaw out on Saturday! It was cloudy with temps in the 60's and I just felt like I could never get warm! But today was absolutely gorgeous and we threw open the windows and doors and let the house air. Love, love, love days like today! I wish our summers were like today every day.

I was a little motivated this weekend to get some yucky Spring chores done that have been hanging over my head. I cleaned all the fans and blinds in the house Saturday morning while Wayne went to get dirt for the flower beds. Yay, me! I even cleaned my stove today. AND I made red velvet cake balls! Who says I haven't had a {very} productive weekend?

Special thank you to my mom and dad who started at 7 o'clock Saturday morning laying the bricks for our front walk. It looks a-mazing! I just love it!! Makes me just wanna pull up a lounge chair and grab a glass of sweet tea!


  1. What a cute puppy! You can tell how excited A is. :)

  2. Bo is soo stinkin' cute! Glad A is loving her new puppy.

  3. Your new puppy is so cute! I know Alise is thrilled. Sounds like you did get a lot done this weekend. I am now motivated to do a little more around here. Ha!