Friday, May 06, 2011

My Coconut Cake Rendition

I got a wild hair last week to make Paula Deen's "Best Coconut Cake Evah" {the drawal on the end of "ever" is mine, of course}. I mean it WAS on the cover of her most recent magazine and although I had NEVAH made a coconut cake in all my thirty-eight years, I figured, "I can do this!"

Even though I don't like coconut. Can't stand it. Feels like I'm eating grass.

So anyhoo, I began making plans for our Cinco de Mayo dinner with friends and I came across the recipe - and picture {pictures with the recipes just win me ovah every time! What can I say? I'm a visual person and it drives my husband insane!} and that white cake with the thick coconut shavings just looked so pretty sittin' on top of that frosted green cake stand. I thought, "I can do this! It will be perfect for Cinco de Mayo and the hint of lime in the frosting might just cut some of that coconut taste."

I went to the grocery store THREE times, ya'll!!

First, I had to find the coconut milk. Now where would you think coconut milk might be in a grocery store? I'll save you some time: try the liquor aisle first! I walked three miles in that store before I finally asked for someone to help me. And she was very nice about it. Coconut milk. Getcha some.

So the first night, I made the cake. Three layers. Yes, ma'am, it was.

When it got time to make the frosting - "Lucious Lime Frosting" is what the magazine says - Ahem! - I got nervous. The recipe said, "lime zest."

Smiling-Paula-Deen-on-the-cover-of-a-magazine say what?!

Ya'll, I had to google it. And I found out more about zesting a lime than you really care to hear about! And I'm still praising the Lord for the person that recommended using a cheese grater because where in the world was I gonna find a zester in this Williams & Sonoma-less town??

So then I had to go back to the grocery store to get a hand held cheese grater because I don't grate cheese. That's why Kraft makes grated cheese in a bag.

Bought the grater, got home and went to work on that lime.

Do you have any idea how long you have to grate a lime before you can get just one tiny teaspoon of lime zest? Thank goodness I bought two limes!

So FINALLY it is time to start the mass production of the "Luscious Lime Frosting." I was excited! This was gonna be good!

And it would have been if it had all stayed on the cake! For some reason, the cool whip didn't want to be friends with the butter and the powdered sugar and the lime zest and the lime juice.

And so I blame it on the zest {When I hear "zest," I think of soap!}.

So I did the best I could spreading that "Luscious Lime Frosting" all over that cake! It was luscious alright! The cake looked like an oozing something-or-other. And I just prayed that all that oozing would just seep down deep in that cake and it would just be the most wonderful and delightful thing I had ever put in my mouth.

In the meantime, while I'm trying to sop the frosting up off the cake stand with a spreader, it hits me that I forgot the coconut!


So I guess my third-time-to-the-grocery-store doesn't really count because while I stayed home and sopped up luscious frosting, Wayne stopped at the store for the coconut. I met him at the door, tore open the bag, and began just throwing coconut on the cake. Just throwing it! Anywhere it would stick. And the more I threw it own, the more it just slid right down the sides of the cake.

I had finally had enough.

I put the top on that cake plate and stuck 'er in the fridge and shut the door!

I was so worried that I would wake up the next morning and I would have white goup oozing out of my refrigerator.

It didn't happen.

Instead, I found THIS in my refrigerator when I reached for the chocolate milk.

Wah-lah! My first Coconut Cake with Luscious Lime Frosting.

With the help of Ms. Paula Deen, of course.

And my handy dandy cheese grater!

Ya'll have a LUSCIOUS weekend!


  1. Wow! That cake looks delicious! You did awesome!

  2. Ohhhh!! It looks so fancy and delicious! Good job, Laura!

  3. That cake looks delicious!