Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Kindergarten Graduation

When I woke up the morning of Alise's kindergarten graduation, I promised myself that I would not be sad and depressed all day. I didn't promise that I wouldn't cry, but that I would try to make a conscious effort to pull myself together for the majority of the day.

And then I walked in Alise's room to wake her up and saw her six month baby picture as well as pictures of her with her Pre-K3 friends on her night stand and I nearly lost it. That was 6:30 AM.

And then we fought over which dress she was going to wear the last day of school.

When I dropped her off at school that morning, Mrs. M asked me if I had gotten the scrapbook on Friday. I was like "Ooooh, yeah! I got it all right! I certainly wasn't expecting that!" She smiled and then told me about a sweet song that the librarian's sister would be singing that night at the program. The tears showed up again.

Here she is on the first day of kindergarten in August 2010.

And here she is on the last day, May 2011.

I met Wayne and Alise for a celebratory lunch at Pie Works.

This was the stage for the kindergarten performance. I was the very first person there. I told you I would be! Ha! So of course, we had front row seats!
Alise opened up the performance. I'm not sure if she volunteered or if she was chosen for the job, but either way she did wonderful! So unlike her mother, she seems to not be shy about public speaking. Her line was, "Please stand for the pledge of allegiance and remain standing for the prayer."

This is her after the prayer sitting beside her sweet friend, B.
Some shots of her dancing during the performance.

And then! Mrs. M had to go and do it! The boys and girls danced with their partners to "Can I Have This Dance?" I was bawling like a baby!! They just weren't suppose to learn how to dance in kindergarten!!
At the end of the dance, the boys spun the girls around and that sat on their knee. More bawling ensued!!
The whole kindergarten singing with our Head Master to "Happy Trails To You" at the end of the performance.
Alise getting her diploma.
E and Alise. I just love how she has her hand on his arm. So sweet. Think I can use this pic as blackmail in the future?You can tell I've been crying in these pictures because my face is blotchy and my nose is red. This is me, Mrs. M, and Alise Very, very proud parents!
My sweet kindergartener with her diploma!
And here are the happy Grandparents! Me and Alise with my Mom and Dad.


  1. So sweet. Congratulations Alise! Poor mama.

  2. Oh, Momma! My big girl is not even 3 yet and this already has me stressing! ;) That performance looked so sweet!

  3. Congrats to Alise! The pictures are precious. I wouldn't have been able to keep it together at all. Those sweet babies start singing and dancing and the tears flow.

  4. Aww... what a cute program!

  5. A is just precious! Happy Graduation!

  6. Congratulations to Alise!! Those pictures are adorable.