Friday, April 08, 2011

What I'm Lovin' Friday

The first thing I want to share that I'm lovin' this week is one of Febreeze's new scents: Sweet Citrus and Zest. I just can't say enough about this clean, spring scent! I don't normally buy air fresheners like this because I never use them. They smell good int he store and then just end up sitting in the cabinet at home. But I will say that out of all the ones I have bought, the Febreeze brand is my favorite. So check it out! This is one you can find at Walmart! No computer required.I found this blog a few weeks ago and I just love all the designs and ideas she has! Here is a great post for Bunny Cupcakes! Love, love, love those adorable cupcakes!!

One of my favorite blogs is This Blessed Nest and ya'll, I WON!!! I won 4 vintage silverware placemats!! Yep, Kellie emailed me while we were in Hot Springs this past weekend to tell me the good news and I was thrilled! They will look so good on my table and I love the vintage look! Thanks, This Blessed Nest!

Alise has started wiggling her teeth and it is driving me insane!! Every. single. one. of her friends have lost teeth. Everyone {Except one special Pre-K4 friend}. But I'm not complaining. Because the day Alise looses her first tooth, well, it will just send me over the edge! And I especially don't want her loosing her teeth before H's wedding at the end of May! But when I saw these cute personalized tooth pillows, I thought that loosing a tooth and having something so, so cute to put it in may not just be the end of the world after all.

And just for fun, take this Yankee/Rebel test.

So have you even thought about Teacher Appreciation Week? We are celebrating all week at our school next week. I posted some ideas here last year from Etsy and here is another great site for ideas. I'll be sharing mine with you next week so stay tuned.

The first blog I read every day is Big Mama's blog. I mean seriously. The girl cracks me up and most days I feel like we are living the same life only in different parts of the country. Oh, and the fact that her daughter is about two years older than Alise. But when I saw her post earlier in the week titled, Big Mommy Dearest, I knew Big Mama was speaking my kinda language. Some people will just never understand the whole "wire hanger" thingie. But me and Big Mama do. Ha!

So I'll end this post the way I started: with a pic of something you surely can find locally. And where at? Why, Hobby Lobby, of course! I was in the store last week and spotted these so, so cute flower chargers. Perfect for Spring and Summer pool parties! And the price? A steal at only $1.99 each!! They came in every color of the rainbow - and I would have loved to have them all - but I stuck to my basics: pink and green. The picture really doesn't do the color justice. They are very vibrant. And how do you like those bunny butts starin' back at you? My mom was going to sell those on Ebay until I stopped her! Crazy woman!

I hope everyone enjoys the weekend! We're t-balling this weekend and having a date night with friends. So stinkin' excited!! Ya'll have a good one!! And because I haven't said it lately, thank you so much for reading my blog! I love hearing from you guys!


  1. I remember doing the same thing as Alise with the teeth! I was at the end of 1st grade before I lost a tooth! Buy oh my, when I started losing teeth, I lost a ton at one time! I was really singing "All I want for Christmas is my 2 front teeth!" HA!

  2. Have I thought about Teacher Appreciation Week?????????? I have been working on it all week! I get the things for our faculty! BIG JOB!

  3. You always find the neatest things!