Tuesday, April 26, 2011

More Teacher Appreciaition Ideas


Let me start off by saying that I really, really, REALLY had good intentions!! I had planned to do oh-so much more than I did and put my own little style on it, but after every. single. thing. that happened during TA week, I admit I had the attitude of, "Ya git whatcha git and ya don't pitch a fit!"

Most all of my ideas were inspired from Skip To My Lou. What a plethora of ideas! Plethora, peeps!

On Monday, we blessed Mrs. M and Ms. C with a small bouquets of flowers courtesy of Sam's. These flowers were $10 and I wanted to keep them for myself because they were so pretty! AND because I felt like I deserved them after standing in line for thirty minutes with only THREE items!! {Sigh} So I tied them with hot pink tuelle and attached a card that said, "Thank you for helping Alise BLOOM!" Cute, huh? Notice the adorable smiling face? This was Monday.

On Tuesday - before all the hoopla and chaos - I sent pencils to school with a note attached, "You are so 'WRITE' for Alise!" I bought personalized pencils for Mrs. M from Current because I just wanted an extra touch. For Ms. C's pencils, I purchased Easter ones off the $1 aisle at Target and wrapped them with ribbon, too.
Then, this happened and we didn't go to school on Wednesday. However, Alise had her cards ready for her teachers but we didn't take them until Thursday. She found some beach and sea stickers in my stash and I suggested using them to make cards for her teachers. Alise loved that idea because she loves to draw and color. She did a great job and when I stopped by the classroom on Friday, Mrs. M had her card propped up on her desk. It made my heart smile.
Lots of erasing, but oh well. Definitely not one of Alise's finest penmanship moments!

Because Easter was so close, I couldn't pass up the chance to do at least one day with an Easter theme. So after Alise got her cast on Wednesday, we went to Hobby Lobby to pick up two cute metal buckets for $1.99 each. I filled them with chocolate candy eggs and attached a note that said, "You are EGGStra Special!" for Thursday.By Thursday evening, I was exhausted and grasping for straws for a gift card or gift certificate for the next day. I decided to do gift cards from a popular coffee shop and bakery and without thinking, their name fit perfectly in to one oh-so cute saying, " Thank you for 'Bean' So Special!" and I wrote personal notes as to how much I appreciated Alise's teachers.

This year, I was asked to help with door prizes for our teachers. Each day of TAW, our teachers get to eat like kings and queens for lunch and a door prize is drawn. Here is the elementary door prize I did:
I found the cutest apron at Paul Michael's that said, "There is no substitute for a teacher and a good cook." I found the kitchen towel at a favorite specialty store in Bastrop. It said, "Teachers touch tomorrow." Actually, I waited too long and had to get that one because the one I had seen a few weeks earlier - and didn't buy - was a fleur de lis made out of school supplies. It was oh-so cute and I kicked myself for not getting it when I saw it! I dressed up the basket with some disposable spoons.

And this is the door prize I made for the upper school teachers:
I made a movie ticket out of card stock {you can't really tell in the picture} and "glue dotted" {Ha!} a movie gift card to the front of it. I filled a big bowl with popcorn and stuffed a variety of movie-size candy in it. I thought it turned out really cute!

And that, my dear friends, is how the Horton's rolled with Teacher Appreciation Week this year!


  1. Thank you for these ideas, I have been scratching my head all day thinking of things for next weeks Teacher Appreciation week! :) Thank you!

  2. Great ideas!

    I am so excited about our Teacher Appreciation Week next week! I have a little something special planned for each day. I LOVE all the ideas at Skip to My Lou!

  3. You guys did roll it! How awesome those gifts were. You gave me some great ideas for next year!

  4. Our teacher appreciation is this week! Thanks for the ideas! LOVE them!!