Sunday, April 10, 2011

An "Hmmm...How Shall I Put It?" Weekend

Hey Ya'll!!

How was your weekend?

I've got lots to share, so grab some sweet tea and sit a while! one week we went from THIS.....

to THIS!!!!

So, just give me a few lines to brag about my daughter {I consider my blog our family scrapbook, so this mama deserves the right to brag if she wants to!}.

First of all, Alise has only attended one t-ball practice because she had been so busy with cheer. I figured all the other t-ball parents were hating us because we just showed up for game day, but whatevah. We're all on the same team again this year and we have a really great group of parents so we didn't catch any flack from it. So anyhoo. On Alise's first bat, she had to end up using the tee and hit the ball all the way to the fence. I went NUTS!! She knocked three players home and made it to third base! Did I mention I went NUTS?? The second time she batted, she hit the ball thrown by her coach and it went between first and second and she made it to first base and then eventually scored. She played second base the first time her team was in the field, and got a girl out on second. The second inning, she played pitcher, made a double play by getting the runner out at first and then at home. And sometime between all that, she got another little girl out so she had FOUR outs in all!! I was like WHO IS THIS T-BALL CHILD??!! We were some proud Mama's & Papa's, let me tell ya! We won our first game 25-17!!

Love E's toothless grin! See what I mean about all Alise's friends loosing their teeth??
My little t-baller! So, so proud of her!!

Look at those awful ghetto shorts! Another company designed the uniforms this year and none of us t-ball moms are happy!
Alise with our friend, C. We played two innings against a dear, sweet friend so it was hard cheering, but I cheered for C when she batted.

Alise had a sleep over with her friend M this weekend, too. They had a blast staying up after midnight and sleeping in a tent in their sleeping bag upstairs! They played so hard all weekend! We baked cookies {complete with makeup!} and watched a 3D movie!
On Saturday afternoon, while at the ball park, Wayne got a call that a tree had fell on our camp in Mississippi. So he took off first thing this morning to check it out. We are just sick! We have no idea when it happened, but we assume it happened this past Monday when the terrible storm came through.

Thank goodness for insurance. We filed a claim Saturday afternoon and should hear from our agent tomorrow. I am so thankful Wayne wasn't there. Where the tree fell, was the bedroom and the bed butted up under that window.

And if that wasn't bad enough, we were coming home from running an errand this afternoon and noticed the fire truck speed past us. It turned on to the main road that leads to our neighborhood and then turned again into our neighborhood. I began to panic. Fortunately for us, the fire truck past our house and turned on the street over. The house was burned badly. We haven't been by to see the damage because we didn't want to appear nosey, but please pray for this family. From what we have heard from our neighbors, this family is experiencing a significant loss. The fire trucks have been up and down our road all evening. I am so glad that the family was safe.
We checked this book out from our local library and I just cried as I read it to Alise tonight. Liz Curtis Higgins puts such a unique spin on the Resurrection Story. I tried my best to explain to Alise the true meaning behind the story and she was like a sponge. I plan to buy this book and add it to our collection. I am so thankful for the hope I have in Christ and that no matter what happens, He is always with me. Thank you, Jesus.


  1. Of course you have the right to brag on your child! That's a momma's job!! Way to go Alise! We had a great T-Ball weekend too! So sorry about your camp! Hopefully the insurance will take care of it fairly painlessly!

  2. All I can say is Wow! First of all, congratulations Alise on your big win.

    Doug forwarded me some pictures of the camp. Wayne, I'm so sorry about it. Like Laura, I'm grateful to God that you were no where near that place during the storm.

    I would be very interested in the parable of a lily book. I've been talking to Katie about Passover today. I'll have to keep my eyes open for it.

    Y'all have a wonderful week.

  3. What a little ball player she is! I bet you did go nuts. I would've too! I am glad that you all were not at that camp. That looks pretty bad. I will pray for you neighbors. That's terrible.

  4. I am so sorry about your camp! I am glad that no one got hurt and that you have insurance on it.