Monday, April 18, 2011

Help! The Little Pet Shops Have Taken Over My Tub!

Ok. So like I have NO idea what is up with blogger and why I seem to be the only one that is having paragraph problems! It's really driving me crazy! I NEED paragraphs!!

Tomorrow (Tuesday) marks a week since the "drama to end all drama" happened. Someone asked me what is the worst thing about Alise loosing the use of one of her arms for six weeks. And the answer is this:
I WANT MY BATHTUB BACK!!!! But it looks like for the next few weeks, I'll be sharing it with the Pet Shops!! We have to bag Alise's cast at night so it won't get wet and since my tub is bigger, it's just easier to give her a bath in my bathroom. So...we're still getting use to the cast. Or, at least I am. Other than her extra-curricular activities, it hasn't slowed Alise down a bit. It hits me the most in the morning because I can't just say, "Go get your clothes on" or "Go brush your teeth." I have to help her with things like that. I'm definitely counting down the weeks! I'm so worried that the cast will sprout a head one day!

Tonight I took Alise to cheer so that she could see her friends and have them sign her cast. She misses her squad so much!
I don't know who was more excited to see each other? Her or them? They are a sweet group of girls and their faces just lit up when Alise walked through the door. They gave her a card that they had all signed and her Coach gave her a little "happy"for getting her back hand spring a few weeks ago. Let's hope that she'll still be able to do it after the cast comes off!! Coach is saving her spot so if all goes well, we will start back up with cheer on June 1st.

I made Mexican Casserole tonight for supper. Guess who gets to eat leftovers tomorrow? Now, maybe Mrs. M won't think that all I feed my child are lunchables. Not that there is anything wrong with lunchables, but Alise would eat them every day if I let her! She refuses to eat in the cafeteria except on Friday when they alternate pizza, McDonald's, and Chic-fil-a.

All is well with the Horton's tonight!

Except maybe the Pet Shops in my bathtub.


  1. Your bath tub looks a lot like ours. Except mine has been taken over by Barbies and a huge Dora bath doll. Jayci has her own bath tub but she loves ours so much we just let her take a bath their. I don't think I will ever get my tub back.

  2. I have pet shops and Barbies in my tub. I feel your pain.