Monday, April 11, 2011

Happy Monday!

I was "Dug Out Mom" tonight at Alise's t-ball game. I'm just gonna say it: I hate being DO Mom. WAAAY too much estrogen in one little bitty place. Wayne sometimes helps, but he likes to coach and help out on the field, so I was by myself for the most part. Anyhoo. The best thing about being DO Mom is that the fence is not in the way for video, so I videoed one of Alise's hits tonight. It was a good hit, but she only made it to first base. She had another double play, too. It was only our second game, and I'm already worn out with t-ball! Ha! One of the other dads asked me tonight where she gets her athleticism. I said, "I have no idea! She certainly didn't get it from her Mama!" Ha! When I told Wayne about that comment later, he told me that she got it from him. He said that he use to be a good ball player. Hmmm. Whatevah.

Yesterday afternoon, I found myself in my happy place: my kitchen. Love, love, love to cook on Sunday afternoons. Of course, I was interrupted with the fire trucks, but more on that in a minute. I tried a new recipe from The Food Network and it was wonderful! We actually had leftovers tonight. I was getting burned out with the familiar Italian recipes and I wanted something new. I've made manicotti only once since Wayne and I have been married, so I decided to try again. And I had forgotten how time consuming stuffing those noodles really is! I had to end up using Alise's baby spoon to stuff the pasta. I changed up the recipe a little bit after reading some of the reviews and comments. I ended up using Italian sausage instead of beef and I used Kraft's Grated 5 Italian Cheese and left out the riccota. Like I said, it turned out really well and Wayne really liked it. The recipe is a keeper.

Alise and I were nosey this morning and drove by the house in our neighborhood that caught fire yesterday afternoon. My heart just broke for this family. We found out that the fire started with the air conditioner. The family was outside. The girls were in the pool and the parents were sitting outside enjoying a typical Sunday afternoon. I guess that just goes to show you that you never know.

And now! For the most exciting news of the day! When we got home, I checked the mail and noticed that we had an envelope from The University of Alabama. I was a little curious because even though we are die hard fans, we don't get "Bama mail" every day. I opened the envelope and nearly passed out!! In it was a letter addressed to "South Zone Member," 2 A-Day game tickets, a parking pass and two passes for lunch at Coleman Colesium to her Nickie and the AD speak this weekend. I immediately called Wayne and asked why in the world we would be getting this in the mail and why they would be addressing us as "South Zone Members"? He had no idea. The only thing we can think of is that we put in for season football tickets before Alise was born and before Nickie came to Bama and we were told that there was a waiting list. We are thinking {and hoping} that maybe we will be granted the option soon to buy season football tickets! Can you say, "Woohoo?" I made the mistake of telling Wayne, "Who needs a camp? We'll be in Tuscaloosa every weekend!" I won't tell you what he said.

Happy Monday! I hope your day was great!

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  1. I LOVE manicotti so I will have to give this recipe a try! Thanks!
    Sooo sorry to hear about your camp! That looked horrible! The weather did get really bad last Monday! Thankful no one was there!