Sunday, March 06, 2011

A Special Wedding Shower

I've been looking forward to this day since the invitation arrived a few weeks ago!

This afternoon, Alise and I went to H's wedding shower. Fun times! I am so glad to finally be able to show you the {older} bride-to-be and her little {future} flower girl!

H was SO sweet to Alise today. When she saw us, she stopped opening presents long enough to come over to us and give Alise a gift. There were guests and gifts every where, but the fact that H stopped to say, "Hi" and to tell Alise that she was so excited about her being her flower girl just made my heart smile.
The hostesses were handing A & H gifts one right after the other and I noticed that Alise kept an eye on our gift that we brought. I finally asked her, "Alise, would you like to give H our gift?" and her face just lit up so I asked one of the hostesses if we could have our gift so that Alise could give it to her. She was so excited to give H the cookbook. I signed the card, "To the best flower girl ever!"
This is a picture of the bride and groom with Alise. So what do you think? Has my little flower girl grown up into a beautiful bride-to-be or what?

Alise was SO in her element at the shower today. She loved every part of it and really was a sweet little girl! From drinking punch out of a glass cup to picking her own finger food! She got so many compliments on her dress and she just sucked in all the attention. It was a very special day for me as well. I'm a sentimental person and if you had told me 16 years ago that my own daughter was going to be my flower girl's flower girl {Does that even make sense?}, I don't think I would have believed you. I wanted to get a picture of me, Alise and H, but I thought she might think that was too cheesy. Maybe at the wedding.

Alise ran in to Mrs. M {her teacher} at the shower. She couldn't wait to tell her that she read THREE Dr. Seuss books over Spring Break! Mrs. M was SO proud of her! I told her that we had been working and practicing all week getting ready for "THE" test next week. She told me not to worry because Alise would do fine. I sure hope so because she is totally wigged out about it!
This is the sweet little purse that H gave Alise. She asked me if she could take it to school. Ugh! I told her that it was a special church purse and a special occasion purse. She asked me if she was going to put her rose petals in it! Ha! Can you tell this is her first rodeo?
Me & my sweet Baby Girl before the shower. Daddy told us we looked beautiful.


  1. Oh Laura!! How very sweet!! It's just wild that they are getting married! I remember when S was expecting H!! And then you add the groom in!! I think the world of him. Ok I'm crying now! I can't even imagine how you are feeling!!

  2. That is so precious! How special for you and Alise to attend this. How kind for the bride to be to make Alise feel so special. What a class act! You girls do look beautiful!

  3. that is really sweet
    here I have question do you know about 4d ultrasounds?

  4. that is really sweet
    here I have question do you know about 4d ultrasounds?

  5. You planning on having another baby so you know all about 4d ultrasounds?

    Anyway. Great pictures. Alise is going to rock as the flower girl.