Sunday, March 27, 2011

Oh Happy Day!

I mentioned last week that Alise's school was having standardized testing last week. I'm really not sure what that means. When I was in school, it was called the "CAT" - California Achievement Test. And I never really could figure out why we had to take a test that was all about California {not really, but I'm making a point here} when I lived in Louisiana. Couldn't someone around home come up with a "Louisiana Achievement Test"?? Now, I think it's referred to as the "Iowa Test." What is the deal with naming tests after states? Anyhoo. Since Alise is in private school, of course they have their own version of "THE test" and so I'm 38 years old with a soon-to-be six year old, and I STILL don't understand all these names. But it's just a test - that we refer to as "an extra workbook" at home {at the direction of Mrs. M}because a some certain someone wigs out at the mention of the word, test. Yeah, I know. She's got to get over that!

So about Wednesday, I began feeling sorry for her because I was getting the impression that she was "under pressure" - ya know? In a six year old kind of way, so I thought about making cookies for her class' snack time on Friday. But Alise didn't want cookies; she wanted cupcakes. So...I stayed up until after ten o'clock Thursday night making smiley face {relieved face} cupcakes for her class. And the whole time I'm frosting the cupcakes and sprinkling them with sugar and putting on the M&M eyes and cussing the black icing I was using for the smile, I thought, "I sure hope my daughter appreciates all the things I do for her one day."
And then I went to bed.

And when we woke up Friday morning, these faces were smiling back at us which caused Alise to smile, which made me want to smile, too! Definitely. A smile is contagious! Pass it on!
Alise spent the weekend with her grandparents and visited cousin B in Arkansas. Wayne and I didn't know what to do with ourselves!! So on Friday night, we went out to eat and saw the movie, Intensity. On Saturday we drove to Jackson and shopped all day! I was so disappointed that I didn't find any bar stools or tables for the living room. I am so ready to have something to set my glass of diet coke on while I surf the internet! Ha!! The weather turned off quite cool today compared to yesterday and I just boxed up all my winter things last weekend, so I feel like I'm freezing. I can't seem to get warm today!!

So did your weekend put a smile on your face?


  1. The cupcakes are adorable! I know Alise's class were thrilled to have them. Being an educator, there is too much pressure for testing. Hopefully that will change.

  2. LOVE the cupcakes! :) I'm sure they made lots of kids and Alise's teacher smile. :) Don't even get me started on those tests, UGH!!! I know, I don't know what happened to our Spring weather! :(

  3. We did IOWA tests a few weeks ago, but it was 1st, 3rd & 5th. So just Sass. I'm catching up on my reading. I'm glad A is doing so good on the no tv. Bo doesn't ask about using the computer either. But now he's totally into the Wii. I love the cupcakes! But do you really remember all the little things we do when they get older? And I just turned the AC off & the heat back on at our house.

  4. My weekend was rough. I'm ready for this coming weekend when I don't have to work!

  5. How cute are those cupcakes? I know everyone was so excited to devour them! Good for you with the no tv...that's gotta be tough!