Sunday, March 13, 2011

I Pulled The Plug!

I have had. it.

Thursday night at bedtime, we had a come-to-Jesus-meeting with Alise.

No more TV.

You would have thought I had spanked her with a thorn bush! Oh, the wailing!!

The fact is, I'm sick of the TV. And other than 'American Idol' right now - and '48 hours' on Saturday nights - it would suit me just fine if we didn't have one.

It runs nearly 24/7 at our house at all different volume levels. I feel like I am constantly turning the stupid thing down. Between Wayne and Alise battling for channels at supper time {so they can watch while they eat}, I am about to go crazy.

I can quote just about every Zack & Cody show. I can't figure out the whole platapus thing, so Phineas & Ferb just tick me off and Candice REALLY gets on my nerves. And I think Wizards of Waverly Place is getting too "out there." I won't even go there about Hannah Montana. I don't like the new show about the two girl friends, either. I can't remember the name of it. And last week, she pitched a fit to start watching Zeke & Luther.

So, Thursday morning, when Alise asked me on the way to school, "Mommie, did you get my cheer bag?" it was the straw that broke the camel's back! I just lost it. We had a huge fight and I put her out at the front door of the school and drove away. She survived. The fact was, I had been telling her all night before AND that morning to get her cheer bag together. Get your cheer bag together. She walked out the door without it. But me - knowing that I wouldn't be able to take her home before practice and change her clothes - grabbed it and put it in the car.

The fact is, my daughter is obsessed with TV and Justin Bieber and I'm sick of it!! She's gotten an attitude and has begun being mean to her friends and not showing respect to me and her Daddy. I'm not tolerating it anymore. And I know some of it is probably my fault because I have been letting her watch that stuff and I did take her to see the JB movie, but she needs to learn that she can watch shows like that, but she doesn't have to act like them.

So now, Alise has to earn TV time on the weekends. No TV time during the week. And I could have gotten all fancy-shmancy and done this elaborate behavior chart, but desperate times called for desperate measures. I pulled out a yellow memo pad out of the drawer, cut about 6 strips of paper and wrote "30 Minutes of TV Time" on them. She can also loose TV time with bad behavior - which is almost what happened yesterday at the bowling alley over having to wear their shoes, but that's a whole other post!!

But it hasn't been all "Mommie Dearest" in our neck of the woods. A conversation that Alise and I had in the car last week, went something like this:

Alise: Mommie, there was a bird's nest on the playground at after school and we covered it up because it had three eggs in the nest.

Me: How neat! Did you see the mommy bird? I'm surprised she wasn't sitting on the nest to keep her eggs warm.

Alise: We saw her sitting on the nest a couple of times. But we didn't see the daddy bird. I think the mommy bird and the daddy bird were divorced.

Heaven, help me!


  1. Hang in there. We've already had our Come-to-Jesus episode towards the first of the school year. Our sweet little Katie was turning into a sassy diva with attitude and it doesn't go over well with me at all. She's done lots better, but the diva shows her bad self every now and then. That's the whole part of growing up. I just hate being the bad guy.

  2. Thanks for being so real! We are adopting the baby we've fostered since she was 1 day old (14mths now) and I really pay attention to mom's that are traveling these roads before me!

  3. I totally agree with you! My husband always has the TV on...I would rather have music playing. My 2 year old now asks for the tv on as soon as we get up in the morning and I can't stand it! I've also made it a point to stop eating with the TV on and we all have to sit down at the table as a family...I mean we have DVR so we really are not going to miss anything!!

  4. Good for you for turning off the tv! We haven't had cable since July and I LOVE IT!

  5. We have done the same thing at our house! It is something else. I don't know if it is the age or what, but we have had those same meetings at our house.

  6. Hang in there!!! We have had to do that as well. I am tired of the same shows you are - why can't they make GOOD shows!!! We have had to stop watching certain shows because of words and attitudes!! You are doing the right thing!!

  7. I hate TV. Zeke and Luther and anything skateboarding. I think I am going to cut it down during the week too.

    Hang I there girl!