Wednesday, March 02, 2011

How To Eat Boiled Crawfish

I follow Southern Living on Twitter and clicked on their tweet about 30 Mardi Gras Meals and lo and behold lookie at what I found! Six individual slides that all roll up into enjoying the delicacy that we in Louisiana are born and bred to love...crawfish!

I nearly died laughing. Who's looking for a science fair project?

Now there is a story to tell about my love/hate relationship with crawfish. The hate began in college when Wayne and I were dating. Wayne's roomies were having a crawfish boil and let's just say that they didn't boil long enough and leave it at that. So now, I only eat crawfish when it's cooked in something else. That way, I'm pretty sure they are d-e-a-d.

My SIL's family is from Oklahoma and they had never had crawfish until a few years ago. My brother has a huge crawfish boil every year and they invite friends and family. My SIL's family fell in love with them and now they request them every Spring when they come to visit.

What I love most about crawfish is the smell of them boiling over a hot flame in all the cajun seasonings. Honestly, it reminds me of Spring.

So now that it's "officially" crawfish season and all the little huts are popping up in town to buy them by the pound, I thought I would link up some of my favorite crawfish {IN} recipies for you to try.

Happy Crawfish Season and Laissez les bons temps rouler!!

Louisiana Crawfish Bake - I just made this one two weeks ago and it was oh-so good!

Crawfish Ettouffe

Another Crawfish Ettouffe Recipe

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  1. Oh I luv me some crawfish! I've started making crawfish pie lately! So simple & so good! I'll have to post the recipe soon :)