Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Day 12 of Pulling The Plug


My life is SO much happier!

Today is day #12 of pulling the plug on the TV and Alise doesn't even ask to watch anymore! I never thought I'd see the day! As a matter of fact, last Saturday afternoon, the TV was off, the house was quiet, and we were sitting in the living room. She asked to read a book instead of turning on the TV!! I nearly fell off the couch!! What has happened to my daughter?? Moving the 30 minute slips {of TV time} to "the cup" isn't even a big deal anymore. I'm loving it!!

Another fun thing that we've started doing is having "Family Movie Night" on Friday nights. We all agree on a movie, and after supper, we watch and munch on popcorn. Blackberries and computers are off limits during movie time. Alise loves it because we are spending undivided time with her and I love it because we're spending time together as a family. This works with our busy schedules and Alise looks forward to it every Friday. We try to choose movies that are not "animated" and have "real people" in them. For instance, this past Friday night, we watched "Old Yeller." Alise doesn't have to use her slips for movie night; She gets to watch for free. I'm even thinking about switching things up a bit by including a "Friday Game Night." We had some friends over a few weeks ago and we played dominoes and she is very interested in learning how to play, too. Alise also loves card games like her Mama, so we'll see.

We still have issues with her attitude some days, but not NEARLY as much as we did almost 2 weeks ago. I am a firm believer in what we listen to and watch can have a serious impact on our lives. Adults are no exception, either.

Alise is testing this week at school, so we're taking it easy with being blessed with no homework. Of course, we're still reading every day. National cheer competition is a week from this Saturday so we're excited about that! Looking forward to a little cheer time off so that we can focus on t-ball for a few months. T-ball is our "daddy/daughter" thing so the first thing Wayne needs to do is buy her a new glove and bat. They have been practicing without the tee and hitting the ball that Wayne throws to her. They also ride bikes in the evening when Wayne gets home from work while I get supper started. Alise can't wait for her daddy's truck to turn into the drive way. Seeing the two of them together makes my heart smile.


  1. Love the family movie night idea! Makes watching tv together special, like it used to be. Hope testing is going well!

  2. So glad it's all working out!

  3. My neighbors do the movie night thing with their girls (who are now teenagers) also. I am really impressed with your parenting. It is encouraging to "old folks" like us to see families like yours.

    ~hippo hugs~

  4. LOVE this!!! I totally agree! We let so much into our homes through the TV without even being aware. Miss E gets to watch one show each day (imagination movers) while I cook supper. By keeping the TV off it makes me really invest in the time I have with my girls. Not to mention being more productive.
    Good for you and Elise!