Sunday, February 13, 2011

Who Should Play Marlboro Man?

I love being a Southern Girl & a Southern Mama.

I am SOOO very sad that football season is officially over. Only seven more months until SEC Saturdays and ESPN's Game Day.

Shasta's grape soda doesn't taste as well as it did 33 years ago.

These are just some random thoughts I've got going on in my head right now.

My friend Angie has been sick with the flu. Yes, her daughter was one of the little girls that got sick last week at our Super Bowl party. So Saturday afternoon, I made supper for her family. I mixed up a little Pioneer Woman and Southern Plate {who, by the way, actually tweeted me and Leigh last week! I thought Leigh was gonna fall right out of her nest!}. I made PW's comfort meatballs {to die for!} and SP's banana pudding {Ding dong! I'm really dead now!}.

Oh! And I threw in a little "Great Value," too. Great Value scalloped potatoes. That would be out-of-a-box, peeps {But I promise I "gussied 'em up" with some extra cheese and jalepeno peppers}!

I can't believe I'm typing The Pioneer Woman, Southern Plate, and Great Value in the same sentence! Heaven help me!

I made these babies for my two sweet Valentines, too!
So when I wasn't cooking....or napping...or reading about MM in PW's new book this weekend- of which I am SOOO stinkin' glad they are making a movie about - and I'll just go ahead and do a spoiler alert right here on MY blog because I CAN...Reese Witherspoon will be starring as Ree and I know who I would just LOVE to see play the role as MM!! Can you guess who??

Now, if you're reading this, DON'T....DO NOT....repeat, DO NOT tell me who is going to play MM in the movie. Because if you do, obviously you are a much worse PW junkie than I am. And I don't even read her blog! Just her cookbook and her rated PG romance novel that I am so excited about going to see with all my girly friends! I might even try sushi that night, I'm so darn excited about it!

So when I wasn't doing all those things....I was SOOO excited to be working on my Woman Cave! YES!! It's only been 7 months!

We got it cleaned out to the point that I can actually have a SEAT and get some work done! What kind of work, I'm not sure yet! But WORK just the same!

I'm really embarrassed to show you these pictures, but because I hold absolutely NOTHING back {according to my mother}, I'll show you the before and after pictures anyway.



Now, notice I said we got it cleaned out! I don't think we'll ever be able to get rid of all the sheet rock dust, but I'm certainly gonna try! The walls still need to be painted and I've got to get everything just so. Lots of random decorating thoughts running through my head that I'll have to share at another time, but I have decided to decorate in the Vera Bradley pattern of Very Berry Paisley. Walmart is actually carrying desk accessories in those colors at this very moment! Yay me! Of course, I'll keep you posted {By the way, I've got a HUGE decorating post coming up soon}.

So leave me a comment and let me know who should play MM! Would absolutely LOVE to know everyone's opinion of the perfect cowboy!


  1. LOL....funny you referenced the Titanic song...of course we used it in our wedding! Can't wait to see how your room turns out! Maybe I'll see ya at Bee Hive soon!

  2. So, when is the movie coming out?? I need to get the book I guess. I follow her blog but that's about all. I would enjoy reading it. Reese Witherspoon really fits, doesn't she?

    I'm going to guess (and I know nothing so this is totally a guess) - Matthew McConaughey??

  3. When I first started blogging, I actually use to read The Pioneer Woman's blog a lot. I don't know what happened. Why I stopped following her so much? She is great though and I love how she explains her relationship with the MM. True Love! The way she describes the MM is seems as if he is more matured, so I don't think Matthew McConaughey would fit that bill; however, he wouldn't be bad looking along side Reese. Mmmm! No one really comes to mind right now. I'd have to think about it.

    I think you Leigh should take off work tomorrow and high tail it to Dallas for Ree's book signing at Borders at 6PM.

    BTW, love the clean room. Can't wait to see your decorating ideas.

    Love ya!

  4. Josh Lucas! Reese & Josh had such great chemistry in Sweet Home Alabama!