Thursday, February 17, 2011

When It Comes To Clocks, I Stink

I've been desperately trying to find a clock for our living room. And I say desperately in all truth. We. need. a. clock. I'm tired of asking Wayne what time it is and seeing him squint from his recliner at the digital thermometer beside the fireplace. We have digital clocks on our microwave and oven, but we can't see them from the living room.

I'm not complaining.

I just want a clock!

Around Christmas, a sweet gift shop in Bastrop let me bring home a clock from their store to see if it would work in the living room. I was absolutely shocked when they offered to let me take it without paying for it. I just love quaint, little home-town stops! I loved the clock, too, but I just couldn't find the right place for it. It was round with a linen and black damask design to it and I thought it would go so well in the living room, but everywhere I tried to put it, it just looked 'washed out.' It certainly looked better in the store than it did in our living room! So, I returned it three days later.

After Christmas, I saw another clock in Pier 1 that I really liked, but unlike the previous one, this was a "shelf clock." It was black and antiqued in white - kinda a shabby chic look to it. It required one battery, so when I got it home, I stuck the battery in, changed the hands to the correct time and left it in the spare bedroom. A few days later, I had taken the Christmas decorations down and went to get the clock to move it to the living room. I noticed the time was not right. So I went and got a new battery, reset the time and kept a watch on it for the remainder of the day. It didn't matter because the stupid thing didn't work. So I returned that one to Pier 1, too.

Non-working clocks are nothing new to me. I have a clock in my office at work that will not keep the correct time at all. This picture was taken about 10 o'clock yesterday morning. Everyone who walks in my office wants to know when I am going to fix my clock. The truth is, I've just given up. It either eats batteries or has a mind of its own. And what gets me is that it worked fine for about two years.

And even better than that is the tick-tock chiming clock that my mother got us for Christmas the year before we got married. I just had to have that stinking clock! It had a little instrument to wind it up with, so it didn't use batteries. That clock followed us from our first studio apartment, to what I like to call a "real" apartment, then to a trailer, and then to our first home. We still have it. It's upstairs and STILL doesn't work! I was going to put it in a garage sale last Fall, but I just didn't have the heart to part with it!

So last week, I bought yet ANOTHER clock at Kirkland's. I was SO pumped about this clock! I just KNEW it was gonna work and go so well with our living room decor. Yep, you guessed it! The stupid thing won't even move a muscle, much less a hand!! We've tried three different batteries and it still won't work. So, I will be returning it this weekend and I'm just sick about it because there was not another one like it. I may try online. Maybe online clocks work!


  1. That's is too funny. My friend has a huge clock hanging near a high ceiling in her living room, we call it the BAC (big arse clock). she got it at kirkland's & it works.

  2. That's something else. Maybe Kirkland's will have another one that works.

  3. I have a $5 Wal-Mart clock in my living room.

  4. Scarves Scarves
    These pictures really beautiful, in which station to collect it?Oh darling,what happy images. loved them.

  5. Anonymous9:05 AM

    Hi Laura! I've gotten just about all our clocks at Target!! They work great! I have a huge wall clock and a few mantle clocks! You can see them on my ole' blog!!! Good luck with your clock search!!!

  6. HAHA, I enjoyed this post and great to read that you got a clock. I personally always purchased them with my mother.

    Thanks for sharing!