Saturday, February 26, 2011

Wedding Dresses & King Cake

Last Wednesday night, we had an appointment at a local bridal shop to try on the dress that H had picked out for Alise to wear as the flower girl in her wedding. Alise was SO excited!! The sales clerk showed us the dress and Alise's eyes just lit up! We went to the dressing room to try the dress on and because of the way it is made, it hit me that twenty years from now, I would probably be helping my sweet Baby Girl put on her own wedding dress. I got tears in my eyes. And then when she walked outside the dressing room and twirled in front of the mirrors, I thought of Wayne and how I wished he could see her. It was like a de javu moment and I was seeing Alise as the bride she would be on her own wedding day.

Out of fairness to H and her special day, I'm not showing the dress in it's entirety {I took this with my blackberry and it's not very clear}. The dress is gorgeous and Alise is dying to wear it! She asked if she could wear it outside and I told her not until after the wedding. We bought shoes that night - little ballet slippers and H will decide how she wants Alise to wear her hair. We are SO excited to be included in H's special day!
While we were waiting for H's mom to meet us at the shop, Alise and I parused the racks of prom and bridesmaids dresses. One side of the store looked like a rainbow from all the colored dresses. Let's just say that they don't make those dresses like they use to! And I absolutely dread the day that she and I ever go shopping for a dress because, of course, we couldn't agree on anything. She didn't like the styles that I liked and vice versa. I'll have to do a whole lot of praying when those days arrive {The child honestly thought she would be wearing a strapless flower girl dress! Give. me. a. break.}!!

I just love Sunday afternoons in my kitchen. It's my "happy place." Today was the first day in nearly a month that I wasn't baking some type of cookie. Today I made two pans of lasagna {one recipe divided}, two chocolate pies, and Southern Plate's King Cake. Well, the King Cake that nearly wasn't. We went to Walmart after church and I don't know where my head was. I completely forgot the cream cheese and lemon extract. So I loaded up Alise and a friend and we drove to our nearest gas station {of all places!} and thank goodness they had cream cheese! No lemon extract, so I just used vanilla instead. I didn't feel that lemon extract was worth the extra drive to the grocery store with two little giggling girls that would MUCH rather be jumping on a trampoline!

Here are the two giggling little girls! Mmmm....I mean cheerleaders!Oh! And I FINALLY got around to making "Marlboro Man's Sandwich."

I made it tonight for supper and Wayne liked it, but it didn't turn out like the picture in PW's cookbook. I'm all about the pictures.

I'm putting the finishing touches on a post that I've been working on since January. It's a post {with lots of pictures} about some of the decorating I've done around the house, so stay tuned this week for that.

Have a Happy Week!


  1. A looks so cute! I remembering being a flower girl when I was younger and feeling so special.

    And I guess it is confession time - I have NEVER had King Cake. The recipe looks easy enough that I might have to make some myself.

  2. I bet it was hard not to cry seeing Alise in that beautiful dress! What a sweet moment! How exciting about the upcoming wedding!

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  4. They make strapless flower girl dresses? What holds them up?