Friday, February 11, 2011

SUYL - Beauty Tips

I've been reading The Pioneer Woman's Love Story and just let me go ahead and put it out there: I wanna meet Marlboro Man! Wow!! I've never been a cowgirl-kind-of-girl, but I need to hear "the voice." Ha! I'm lovin' the book, by the way. I truly recommend it!

But one beauty secret that Ree shares in her book is the "frozen spoon for puffy eyes" tip and I'll honestly say that I've never heard of it so I've never tried it. I mean, spoons? Really? But just because I've never heard of it, doesn't mean I can't google it, right?

This is what I found out. So com'on, Girlies!! Get out those metal spoons! And since I'm always prepared, I think I might just go ahead and stick those suckers in the freezer for my next good cry!

So now for some beauty tips. Secrets. Whatevah you wanna call 'em.

I don't have secrets, so I'll just share some of my absolutely favorite beauty products! I'll leave the tips to Ree!
Soon after I had Alise, a friend from work introduced me to Philosophy and now I am a huge fan of all of their products. One of the things that I like most about their products are the wordings and stories on their bottles. The company also uses vintage pictures of their employees for advertising and packaging. I use Hope in a Jar every single morning. It is my daily moisturizer. I totally recommend the Microdelivery Makeup Remover and Razor Sharp Shaving Gel. And of course, anything in the fragrance of Inner Grace.
They only Estee Lauder product I use is their MegaScopic mascara. It's the bomb. And so totally worth the price - which is a little pricey, but what can I say? I'm a mascara girl! During my teenage years, my mom would get me up at the crack of dawn on Saturday mornings to go shopping and run errands and she would always say, "Just throw on some powder, mascara, and lipstick. You'll look fine." Those were the days! I wish that's all I had to do now!

And no beauty post of mine would be complete without mentioning Bare Escentuals mineral makeup. Oh. My. Goodness. I never thought I could love a brand of makeup so much! It's all I wear. Concealer, foundation, blush, everything for make up.

I died a little on the day I found out that this favorite hair product was being discountinued. I mean, I actually think I saw the bright light! My hair dresser actually introduced me to the product for my natural curly hair and it was just awesome! Especially for those 105 degree summer days with 1,000% humidity! Unfortunately, for my hair, I haven't been able to find anything that works as well. Right now, I'm using Scruples' Twisted Curling Hair Creme.

Probably my most favorite "ME time, past time" is getting a manicure and pedicure. Especially in the summer. Those toes have gotta be painted. I hate to see plain toes in the summer time! My favorite polish is OPI Dutch Tulips. Very reddish/pinkish for all you red and pink girls out there.

Thanks for stopping by my blog from Kelly's Korner! I hope you have a WONDERFUL VALENTINE WEEKEND with the one you LOVE!


  1. You've got to try the new Aveda curling products!! I've searched for years for a good product and this is by far the best!! I just got it this week and haven't straightened my hair once. Good luck:)

  2. I am reading PW's new book right now too- love her! She's a fellow Okie.

    I've never tried that mascara, but am a mascara junkie, so I will totally try it next time I need some. Right now I am using Buxom Lash and loving it.

  3. I love Bare Escentuals as well. I'm sorry to hear your favorite hair product was discontinued. That is awful! Did you try looking online?

  4. I was just reading thru all the beauty tips and then I saw that you were from LA but your husband has on a Bama shirt in one of the pictures!! My family is HUGE Bama fans - I mean like disgustingly obnoxious fans:) We live in Alabama but my husband works in LA. I just thought that was interesting! ROLL TIDE! :)

  5. I've gotta try the spoon trick!!! How fun! :-)


  6. PS I'm your newest follower! :-)

  7. Love all the tips! My next purchase is going to be Hope in a Jar, I have heard great things about that stuff! Your blog is too cute!

  8. I am reading the pioneer woman's new book too! I love it! All your tips were great! I'll have to try them! Feel free to visit my blog!

  9. I love that OPI color! How long ago did you get it? I wonder if its still available in stores.

  10. I love your blog! I'm blog hopping and found yours. I'm now following. Would love for you to check out my blog and follow back!

  11. I read your post about your friend, Angie. I have some similar to that. You should check mine out about the Iron Bowl this year (Boo!) or reasons to pull for Oregon:) I have tons of them. My hometown is closer to Auburn and LOTS of people from here go to school there so we feel SURROUNDED by the enemy!! :) But we love our Auburn friends too - if only they weren't so misguided!

  12. Anonymous11:04 PM

    I find Bare Essentials to be messy.And if you spill any
    on someting it stains.
    I bought some from QVC.


  13. My hubby has curly hair and he uses the Be Curly products by Aveda. He seems to love them. Cute blog!!