Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Super Weekend - Or Was It?

Ya'll know I love parties and get togethers. So how could we not celebrate SUPER Bowl weekend without some SUPER sweet friends? And...some SUPER good food?? Don't mean to brag, but I totally rocked the pink dipped red velvet cake balls with sprinkles!
I was so busy making sure that our friends were enjoying themselves that I barely snapped any pictures and watched very little of the game. I didn't watch the commercials and I've got to spend some time on You Tube researching Christina Aquilera's rendition of The Star Spangled Banner and trying to come up with why everyone thought the Black Eyed Peas were so awful during half time {From the parts I saw, I thought they were great!}. We were huddled around the TV praying that there would not be a wardrobe malfunction. Ha!

I did manage to get some shots of Alise's friends earlier in the evening playing in her room and around the Valentine Table that I set up for them - complete with red and pink M&M's and red heart plates!

I hope you had a SUPER weekend, too, but by Tuesday morning, it all started going down hill for us, the six little girls, and their moms.

I got a text around 10:30 Tuesday morning that one of the little girls had just been diagnosed with the flu. When I picked Alise up from school that evening, she was as white as a sheet and told me she had a very bad head ache. She was throwing up under the carport, while I desperately tried to get my key in the door. So we spent not one, not two, but THREE hours in Pediatric After Hours waiting to be seen and swabbed for the flu. The test came back negative and the nurse practicioner ruled it as probably just the ugly stomach bug that was going around, but since Alise had been exposed to the flu, she went ahead and wrote us a script for Tamiflu to which no pharmacy in the city has. Imagine that! How can Walmart and Walgreen's be without Tamiflu??

That evening, I called all the other moms that had been at the party and told them what had happened and everyone said that their daughter was running fever and throwing up. Ugh!

So you come to a football game at the Horton's {or, in the girls' case, a Valentine Party} and you leave with the flu.

Today, Wayne stayed home with Alise while I went to work and her fever began to spike. She laid around on the couch and slept most of the day. Poor thing had to watch the snow flakes fall from inside, but she did manage to talk her dad into going out and making a snowball for her and freezing it. Ha! I think we'll be staying in for the remainder of the week and taking it easy.


  1. Sorry Alise is sick. But those cake balls look SO yummy. I can never get my candy coating to look like that. I don't know what I'm doing wrong.

  2. I am so sorry Alise is sick. MK had that too. It came on quick. She didn't have the stomach ache part and throwing up. She had the headache, weakness, achy, and fever. It was gone within 48 hours thank goodness. I she is better. The cake balls look awesome!

  3. On the bright side those cake balls were so Cute! So sorry everyone ended up sick! That's NO fun!

  4. Yuck! I hope that A feels better soon! We've been battling the stomach and respiratory bugs at work for the last month.

  5. Do cake balls cure illness? b/c those look absolutely amazing! Hope A gets better soon.