Sunday, February 20, 2011

Our Sunday

I sure hope your weekend started off better than ours did! On Saturday morning, Wayne and I both woke up sick and suffering from the sinus crud. I actually think an old inhaler saved me from what was well on its way to becoming an upper respiratory infection. Wayne still isn't feeling well.

Our church held Baby Dedications this morning in all the services. Wayne and I rock babies during the Sunday School hour and our favorite baby girl wore the most gorgeous dedication dress. I know it's hard to tell from the picture, but it was so beautiful and what was SO neat about it was that the gown was embroidered with all the family's children's names and now the grandchildren's names, too, on the bodice. There were a total of seven names and their dedication dates embroidered on the gown. I thought it was just the neatest tradition.
The gown also reminded me of the one we brought Alise home in from the hospital. It was similar to this one, but with lavender embroidery. I told Wayne that I thought it would be so neat to do that with Alise's gown one day and he told me to make sure and get it preserved. I'll have to add that to my to do list.

We went to McAllister's for lunch. You can tell Wayne didn't feel well.This afternoon, Angie and I took the girls to see the Justin Bieber movie. They had an absolute BLAST and were glued to the movie screen!! I can't believe Alise actually wore the 3-D glasses the entire time! The girls are so silly when they talk about him! Lauren texted me later tonight and told me that Eva hadn't stopped talking about him or the movie.To keep up with my normal Sunday afternoon routine of baking or making a new recipe, I came home tonight and made these colossal cookies.I had seen these cookies popping up all over my favorite blogs and so I just knew I had to try them! Wayne ate two and said they were good so either he's feeling better or lying.


  1. Anonymous9:34 PM

    Oh. My. Word! The cookies. I have to make some of those. They look so yummy!

  2. I'm so sorry ya'll don't feel good, especially on a weekend. Get lots of rest and hope you feel better very soon.

    Katie loves the movies that are 3D. I'm so glad the girls had a great time. Looks like fun!

    Those cookies look delish. Anything chocolate chip has to be superb. I've got to try out new recipes. The only thing is the ones I want to try are not good for me. :(

    Have a good Monday!

  3. Hope you all get well soon! Those cookies look awesome! That dress is absolutely precious!

  4. I barely know who Justin Bieber is!