Wednesday, February 02, 2011

My Kindergartener Needs A Tutor

Yes, it's true.

I need a tutor for a five year old. Who knew kindergarten could be so hard?

Who would have ever thought that rhyming words could be so difficult?

Rhyming words! Com'on!! Words like pickle and tickle. Or log and dog?

My kid is failing kindergarten because she can't rhyme!! I'm not talking rhythm. I'm talking rhyme!

She COMPLETELY failed a rhyming worksheet last week. The paper was bleeding red. I told her, "Mommie doesn't do so well with blood, so you best not be bringing anymore papers like this home!"

I'm serious! It was so bad Mrs. M sent EXTRA worksheets home for Alise to practice!! She seems to be getting confused at identifying pictures that have the same beginning sound and those that actually sound alike.

My stomach just churned. I knew if she couldn't get rhyming words, there was no way under the sun she was gonna make it through algebra! I could just see dollar signs floating in the air for all the money we were going to have to spend on her education....tutors, remedial courses, no college just all flashed before me and I was sick.

So very sick.

I was one of the judges for the school spelling bee this morning so I stopped to talk to Mrs. M about Alise and her "regression." {Yes, I was a judge in the school spelling bee - look for that post soon. Thank goodness the fact that your kindergartener doesn't understand rhyming words does not disqualify you from being a judge!} Mrs. M told me that she had to move Alise so that she is right in front of her. Had to move my daughter? I wanted to cry. She said that the paper Alise did so poorly on she discussed with the class before they had to go back and do the work. Mrs. M said that they do lots of fun activities and games and that some students have a hard time understanding that there is a seriousness to the work, too.

That's it! Leave it to my child to not take anything seriously! I have NO idea where she would get that from, because you all KNOW how uptight I am!

Whell, if ain't me, there's only one other person it could be!!


  1. Deep breaths! Deep breaths! I taught 1st and 2nd grade and rhyming is just hard for some kids! She will catch on!!

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  3. After teaching Kindergarten, I can assure you that a lot of students have trouble with rhyming, especially when they are in the middle of learning beginning sounds as well. With my kindergarten class, we would play little rhyming games and try and come up with words that rhyme (or word families) even if they are silly like bog, cog, dog, log, sog, etc. She will be fine though :)

  4. Who know you had to have a college degree to get through Kindergarten, but it's true. Almost. She will get it. My daughter is a social butterfly. I know she will miss some stuff for talking. We are already talking about when to talk and not to talk. I know Alise will be fine. It will all come together soon and click for her. I don't like red either. When I taught the little guys too, I wouldn't use red.

  5. Laura, I wouldn't worry too much! This is just kindergarten...although I think they are learning way more at an earlier age now. She will be fine though! It's the kids whose parents don't work with them that have the most problems. Since you are on top of it she will get the extra help she needs and end up right where she needs to be.

  6. Girlfriend, I feel your pain. We had the word rhyming thing last semester. I didn't think I would ever get it through Katie's head because she was too busy thinking about playing. I tell you what the Dr. Seuss books helped a lot and I quizzed Katie coming and going to and from school. Now, she's a regular Seuss herself. All I can tell ya is just hang in there and keep practicing, she'll get it.

    Right now, our Mrs. M is on Katie about her handwriting. At Mrs. M's defense, it can be a little sloppy especially when Katie wants to just get it over with so she can go play. LOL! My daughter!

    Good Luck! Give Alise kisses and hugs for us.

  7. When my girls were little, we played rhyming games in the car. I'd say a word and they would try to rhyme it and then I would rhyme the rhyme. It was fun and I think it helped.

    I'm with the other moms. Don't panic. She is a bright and beautiful child. She'll be fine.

    ~hippo hugs~
    P.S. I'm making your popcorn/m&m's for Superbowl. Thanks for the tip.
    I think I need to hug you again.
    ~hippo hippo hugs~

  8. Laura,

    As a parent of a child with dyslexia (who is very bright) and a teacher who works daily with students with learning differences, I must disagree with these other posts. Now I'm not saying to freak out, BUT do stay on top of this and be "that parent" who is constantly in contact with Alise's teacher. She is more than likely going to be fine! BUT if not, the sooner you are able to get help, the better. Jackson was diagnosed at age six. One reason he was so early is because I was the most obnoxious advocate for him.

    I hope I didn't worry you, but I just want you to be aware!


  9. Math seems to be the weakness at our house, and we practice daily! I wanted to say that MC's best friend couldn't get rhyming either, then it clicked one day. It was like that scene in the Helen Keller movie; she just "got it." Now, she is a rhyming machine:)