Monday, February 07, 2011

My Flower Girl is Getting Married!


I got the sweetest message on our answering machine Saturday afternoon. It brought tears to my eyes as I listened to the message and it makes me tear up again right now just typing about it!

My flower girl - from nearly 16 years ago - called Saturday afternoon to tell me that she was getting married {But of course, I already knew this because I follow her on Facebook} and to let us know when the special weekend would be. As I listened to her message, I thought it was strange that she would be calling me with an "invite," but I was utterly floored as I continued to listen.

H said, "And Mrs. Laura, I just thought it would be so neat that since I was the flower girl in your wedding that Alise could be the flower girl in my wedding."


{Insert cry session}

I was crying and shocked and so excited for Alise. And I thought out of all the little girls H could have chosen to be the flower girl in her wedding, she asked for my daughter. How sweet and special is that?!

I am just over the moon!

A few weeks ago when Alise was sick, she stayed with my mom for a few days and mom let her watch our wedding video. Good Lord! Alise actually called me at work and told me, "Mommie, I saw you and Daddy get married! Daddy looked so funny!" In the video, Wayne and I were laughing during a song, I think, and Alise asked mom what we were laughing at. Mom told her that she remembered we were laughing at the flower girl, but she couldn't remember why. Let's just say that H liked swinging her dress, telling my maid of honor, "I don't have to mind you", her finger, and her nose and we'll leave it at that. H was a riot! She was only three and definitely had a mind and attitude of a three year old!

On Sunday night during our Super Bowl party {another post}, the phone rang and it was H calling again. With all the party preparations, I hadn't had a chance to call her back and so when I heard her voice, I ran to our bedroom to talk to her. She was so sweet and said, "We just thought it would be so neat to have Alise in our wedding." Of course, I was crying again! H said that she and her fiance wanted to come by and personally ask Alise to be their flower girl and to spend some time with her - maybe take her for some ice cream. I told her that I thought that would be a wonderful idea. And then H said, "And I promise not to ask Alise to kiss A on the cheek" and when she said that, so many of my own personal wedding memories came flooding back and I remembered how our photographer had asked H to give Wayne a kiss on the cheek and she refused to do it! H and I just laughed and laughed. I told her, "H, the bad thing about it is that Alise would probably do it!!"

And then I went to bed that night with sweet wedding day thoughts and prayed that Alise would still have all her front teeth for H & A's wedding pictures! What could be worse than a snaggle-tooth flower girl? Heaven help me!

H and I on my wedding day.
April 22, 1995


  1. I love that! That is so special! I can't wait to hear more.

  2. How exciting! I can't wait to hear about Alise's reaction!

  3. Precious!!! I had the same thing in my wedding - I had been the junior bridesmaid in MY junior bridesmaid's parents wedding (did that make sense) and now she is getting married!!!

  4. How precious! ! I just LOVE that! My mother in law's flower girl had one of my girls in her daughter's wedding!

  5. That's so sweet!!!