Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Happy Wednesday {With Links!}

So ever since Alise saw Justin Bieber's movie on Sunday, he's all she talks about! I hope to goodness I have not created one of those crazy, screaming, crying, girls that they showed in the movie. I mean, com'on! I lived through the NKOTB era. I know. And there were FIVE of them!

But anyway. I told her she needed to get her head off Mr. Beiber and into her school work. PTL, the child finally brought home a rhyming worksheet with a 100 on it. But last week, she missed her first word for the whole year on a recognition test. Care to guess what the word was?! "Am." Yes, that's a-m. She missed it. We practiced that 2-letter word all week {along with about 14 other words like "squirrel"} and she missed "am"! I was so mad at her! But Mrs. M is really pushing the work and skills ever since the kids got back from Christmas break. They are gearing up for their standardized testing in March. Alise is already wigging out about it. She hates the word "test," so Mrs. M suggested we say that it's just "another workbook" they have to complete. We're reading all. the. time. We read on the way to school, on the way to church, at the island while I'm cooking supper, outside, before bed, you name it. She has nearly read the entire book of 'The Cat In The Hat" by herself. I'm just hoping that I'm not pushing her to hate reading and that she does learn to love it like I do. She would SO much rather be watching TV and I'm so sick of the Disney channel that I could scream!!

We signed Alise up for t-ball again this year and she's excited about playing with her team again. She can be such a little hustler sometimes, but Wayne needs to work with her on her hitting. Normally, second year "vets" don't use the tee and can hit the ball that the coach throws them. She hit one or two thrown balls last year, but most of the time, she had to use the tee.

Last weekend, we went to a Home Expo and got some ideas for the house and spoke to some vendors. We even spoke to a pool business about putting in a pool, but I think we're going to hold off on that for another year. We've decided that our big project this Spring and Summer will be to haul in some dirt and begin building up the yard and plant some grass. I just casually mentioned cutting down some trees, and Wayne nearly divorced me, so I'm purty sure that won't be happening. However, he does want to put in a sprinkler system this summer. I'm hoping to do some landscaping in the early Fall.

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Happy Wednesday, Everyone!


  1. You are such a hoot! I love reading your stuff. That's how it works sometimes, they get hard words like squirrel and miss the ones that seem easier.

  2. Hitting the ball w/o the t doesn't sound like t-ball to me, it sounds like coach pitch! I've never seen a t-ball game where the coach pitched to the kids.