Saturday, February 26, 2011

A Frazzled Weekend

This weekend, our church had the priviledge of hosting Cindi Wood to speak at our Women's Conference. Cindi is the author of the book and Bible study, The Frazzled Female and she is a HOOT of a speaker. She loves to laugh {at herself} and loves the Lord dearly. We learned what a "neutral neck" was {ha!} and all about "clinched jaws." Cindi encouraged us to seek God all the time and in every circumstance and He will be found. I loved hearing her stories of how God has spoken to her at different times in her life. She is currently working on a new Bible study and it sounds like it is going to be a great one!

I got to attend the conference with two of my best friends, Angie and Leigh! Leigh even convinced Angie and I to go to "sunrise pilates" with her on Saturday morning before the conference, so I attended my first pilates class evah. It was...different. I had such a hard time watching the instructor that the breathing part just went out the window. It was very "peaceful" and I liked that, but for now - with my "frazzled schedule" - I think I'll stick to walking.

And I just have to say that Cindi put a huge smile on my face by telling me that she liked my hair. It looks awful in the picture above {I'm blaming it on the lighting because I really did think I was having a good hair day!}, but she said she liked "girls with curls." Made. my. day. I guess I should have told her that I wanted the outfit she was wearing. Too, too cute!


  1. That sounds like an awesome time. To get to hear a motivational speaker would be great. It is a "frazzled life" sometimes.

  2. SO sad that I didn't get to come!!! I know it was awesome! Good thing we didn't plan to come after all though because my kids have strep AND the stomach virus right now---UGH!!!! Glad ya'll had a great time! :)