Thursday, January 27, 2011

Upcoming Events

I want to share TWO events that are coming up in our area in the next two months, so that if you are a planner - like me - you can go ahead and put them on your calander - like me.

Our church's Women's Ministry is having their annual Women's Conference on February 25th and 26th. Guest speaker is Cindi Wood, author of The Frazzled Female. I texted Leigh when I got the brochure in the mail and said, "I am going to this thing!!" Do you know what she texted back? "Are you feeling frazzled?" Give. me. a. break. So if YOU are feeling a little frazzled - or fortunate enough to not be because your child never has meltdowns or homework or cheer practice and your husband isn't gone every single weekend hunting and you don't suffer from budgets and nurses, and PMS. migraines, or VPL - then just pretend like you really want to run away from home and join us! I would love to meet some of my local blogging friends! If you would like to come or want more information, just email me {I didn't want to put too much information on my blog} or leave me a comment.

The second event is Munchkin Market. I've already been asked if I would be selling some of Alise's Spring clothes on my blog again this year and the answer is no. And I'm sorry about that, but I honestly don't have as much stuff as I did when she was younger. I've been buying bigger sizes so that she can get more wear out of things, too, so that's another reason. But never fear! I'm still holding on to a few cute outfits - hoping to squeeze another year out of them - and maybe I'll be ready to part with them next Spring {Yes, I'm still holding on to the smocked watermelon dress}. Now, in the Fall, it will be a different story! TONS of Fall/Winter things to sell!

I am SOOO far behind on reading blogs! My google reader is already up to 141 posts to read! Wowser! But I wanted to share this "sweet" giveaway with you from a very "sweet" blogger. And if you love PINK has much as I do, maybe you'll be interested in this!

Have a GREAT weekend! Alise and I will be working our first fund-raiser for cheer and attending a birthday party on Saturday and then Sunday after church, I'll be back in the kitchen cooking and baking. In my own personal little "happy space." I love Sunday afternoons!


  1. I would LOVE to know more about the Women's Conference if you want to email me!
    I was planning to attend Women of Faith in April, but it was cancelled--so I could do this instead! :) I did the Frazzled Female Bible Study a yr or so ago too! :) Thanks!

  2. You didn't tell what else I said after I asked if you were frazzled!!!! I said I totally understand! Frazzled is the only way I feel these days!!

    Maybe they can give us front row seats at the