Saturday, January 29, 2011


I knew our laid back Saturdays couldn't last forever. We were slammed today with activities! And getting up at 6:30 on a Saturday morning isn't fun!! At all!

Alise's cheer squad had to be at a local restaurant at 7:45 this morning for a pancake fundraiser. I have no idea how much money they made, but there were people everywhere! And believe it or not, they even ran out of pancakes!
No, Alise is not as tall as her Daddy or taller than me. She wanted to stand on the stool for pictures before we headed out this morning.
The girls {not all shown here} were SOOOO excited to be "waitressing" this morning! They welcomed guests, seated guests, and made sure everyone had napkins and silverware. At one point {someone told me this}, Alise was seating a group of people and the table had just been cleaned and she said to one of her team mates, "Uh? We need some silverware here!" I cracked up! Miss Take-Charge!
Alise with a school and cheer friend.
I can't WAIT to see what all these girls are doing in another ten years!! It will be fun to see! We were disappointed to find out today that we would not be traveling to New Orleans in March for a competition. Our next competition is Nationals in April. It is a two day competition in Hot Springs, Arkansas.
This is Alise's closest cheer friend. The Coach and team actually call her O.B., which has a funny story about it. When OB started cheer, Coach Alex asked what her name was. When she told her, "Olivia Brooke," Alex said, "Oh, no! That isn't going to work! We'll call her O.B." You have to know Alex, I guess, but that was so funny! O.B. is the flyer and Alise is one of her bases. Alise talks all the time about being careful not to drop O.B. at practice.

I have to say that Alise has done alot of growing up since she has started cheer. Some of it for the better and some of it not. She's gone from a little girl that insisted that her mother walk her into every single practice to one that runs in after her friends now. She's gained some sassyness, to which me and her Daddy are not the least bit happy about, but we're hoping with discipline she can save some of that for the competitions and football games. She has blossomed so much into a social butterfly and seems to be coming out of her shyness shell. I say all of this because their was a local college cheerleader sitting beside me at the restaurant and she was SO nice and just talked and talked to me. At one point, Alise came up to me and told me she would like a Sprite. The cheerleader let Alise drink some of her own Sprite. I probably shouldn't have let her, but it was chaos in the restaurant and so I did it anyway. The point I'm trying to make - and what I said to Alise later - was that you can be a pretty, sweet, and respectful cheerleader and not a bossy and obnoxious one. I hope she got it.

As soon as the fundraiser was over, we had a birthday party for a sweet t-ball player at The Children's Museum. Toward the end of the party, I could tell that Alise was getting tired. She was sitting in a chair and actually watching J open her presents! She never just watches, so I knew she needed a nap.We came home and rested and then she had t-ball practice. E came home with us after practice and the girls played for the rest of the afternoon. Then we made a trip to Orange Leaf, which is the new soft-serve yogurt shop in town and it was oh-so good! I'm dying to go back!! Sharing chocolate yogurt with a five year old is no fun.


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  2. A is so pretty. She look just like you!!!!

  3. What a sweet cheerleader she makes! You guys were super busy this weekend.

  4. Cute cute pictures!!! I've heard good things about Orange Leaf, we may need to make the short drive over and give it a try!

  5. That sounds my kind of weekend! The wilder the better!