Sunday, January 16, 2011

A Modern Day Fairy Tale

Once upon a time...long, long ago, there once lived two princes that lived together as roommates while they attended the local university.

One of the princes {Let's call him prince A} was seeing a princess {No need to "label" her because there is only one princess in this story} off and on for about a year, so they weren't seriously courting.

One night, Prince B walked into the royal parlor with his Taco Bell bag and preceed to plop down in one of the chairs and totally ruined the princess' night {because she was secretly interested in Prince A}. The Princess had a curfew and after she left, the two princes began talking about her. Prince A told Prince B that he was not seriously wooing the princess. Prince B asked Prince A if he minded if he started wooing the Princess. Prince A severed all ties with the Princess and gave Prince A permission to began courting her.

{Are you a little confused by this point?}

For the next year, Prince B began wooing the Princess and tried his darn best to make her fall in love with him. It didn't happen. The Princess thought Prince B was nothing more than a pest and an idiot who slept in class all day and called her at home the night before an exam and had the audacity to ask if he could cheat off her! The nerve of Prince B!

Fast forward nearly twenty years.

There was a miraculous Divine intervention {because truly it could have only been that!} and the Princess ended up married to Prince B. They lived happily with their own "little princess."

One rainy Saturday, at a local pub, the happy couple ran in to Prince A and his family. He had eventually married and had two beautiful princesses of his own. He had also become a very successful Prince and businessman. The two Princes had kept in touch throughout the years, seeing one another in different parts of the kingdom, but it had been a while since the Princess had seen Prince A. There had been no hard feelings when their courtship had ended so abruptly and now the Princess considered Prince A an acquaintance of long ago. She was very much happily married to Prince B.

BUT! This was the first time the Princess had seen Prince A with Prince B AND their little Princess!

{Ha! Ha! I know you are SOOOO confused!!}

The two Princes discussed business and the Princess attended to the Little Princess who was making an awful mess with cheese dip. The Princess asked Prince A about another acquaintance that they had roamed the kingdom with those many years ago, and when she looked at him, she thought, "Prince A has not changed at all! He still looks the same! What in the world does he think of me? Thank Heavens I put some rouge and powder on this morning!"

After Prince A went back to regal his family at his own table, Prince B asked the Princess, "Was that weird for you?" The Princess answered, "No, not really." But she was honest with her husband because she loved him dearly, so she said, "Well, it's always a little strange when we first see him, but after we start talking, I'm fine with it. And I think Prince A is fine with it, too. There is a reason things worked out the way they did and I most happiest with you!"

And they all lived happily ever after.

The End.


  1. Very, cute! I think the princess made a wise choice in choosing prince B. Prince A sounds too stuffy.

  2. Cute! I love a Happily Ever After.

    I do know where you are coming from. One of my exes is R's good friends. Plus, we live in a VERY small town. But I'm happy with my Happily Ever After too.

  3. Anonymous2:45 PM

    Lol, very cute!! It's amazing how things work out! There is a plan :-)

  4. Just goes to prove that God is in control.
    Great story.

    ~hippo hugs~

  5. I remember when I first heard this story when I would come to your house for childbirth classes. *sigh* I love this story. I really do.