Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Have You Voted For Your Miss America?

Are you ready for the Miss America Pageant this Saturday night {check local listings for time}?! I can't wait to curl up on the couch this weekend with Alise to watch. I remember letting her stay up extra late last summer to watch the crowning of Miss Louisiana, Kelsey Crain. And although I don't believe that the above video is one of her finer moments, Kelsey really is a beautiful person on the inside and out. I actually went to high school with her mother way back when so I feel just a slight "connection" {if you want to call it that - ha!} Make sure you visit Youtube.com and vote for your favorite next Miss America. All 50 states are represented and I think the voting does have something to do with the pageant - just maybe not the final winner.

I have love, love, loved reading everyone's "Snow Day" posts and I've really, really, really tried hard not to be just a little jealous. When our church services were cancelled on Sunday, we just knew we were gonna be snow bound a few days. It didn't happen for us. All we got was some ice. And you can just imagine what 5 year old little girl was so heart broken that her Alabama cousins got all the snow. We did, however, get a snow day because of the condition of the roads, but that was it. I stayed home with Alise on Monday, but after two straight days of going no where and sitting at home, mother and daughter were at each other's throats! I was so thankful to drop Alise off at school this morning and to head in to work! Of course, by the time I got to work and saw my email and the number of voice mail messages I had, I was ready to hop back in the car and head back to the house!

Tonight I made mashed potatoes for supper. Now before you think that I've never made mashed potatoes before, I want you to know that I have. It's just been a while. Sometimes, wild rice or scalloped potatoes out of a box or even a potato casserole just works better for us. So what started out as The Pioneer Woman's recipe for mashed potatoes ended up The PW's mashed potatoes with a twist. I just couldn't bring myself to use all that cream cheese, so I used 4 oz of sour cream instead and wah-la! Mashed potatoes Laura-style was born! My only note to self was to remember that the milk cools down the potatoes. I usually like mine served piping hot! So that the grated cheddar cheese I add on top melts. I made the potatoes with PW's comfort meatballs and we actually sat down at the table for dinner as a family. On a week night. That probably hasn't happened since the last time I made mashed potatoes.

Happy Monday - I mean Tuesday - everyone!! And on top of that, Happy 1.11.11!!


  1. I guess it was a bummer about the ice. We got a couple of inches of snow. We were just out for one day. It was nice to stay home.

  2. It's good to know I wasn't the only mom ready to strangle their kid! LOL! The next snow day better have snow dangit!